Sturgeon demonised, Drakeford excused all

Today, BBC Wales tells us of ‘chaos’ in Cardiff University Hospital of Wales’ A&E department and Ian Cottrell’s wait of nearly 40 hours. Mt Cottrell said:

There were others that were shouting, lying on the floors because there were no beds,” he said.

They were saying they were going to discharge themselves.

It’s chaos in there. No one knows what’s going on. It seems like there’s no duty of care to anyone.

The health board, no names offered, responded that anyone unhappy with its care should report it, to them of course, and not to BBC Wales’ version of John Beattie or Kay Adams.

FM of Wales, Mark Drakeford, was not featured in the BBC Wales report, as he usually isn’t.

In Scotland, in September Robert Ewing approached BBC Scotland to tell them of his mother’s 8 hour wait for an ambulance. The Scottish Ambulance Service apologised straight-off but that wasn’t enough for him. He went to BBC Scotland and they let him have a good rant, like the guy in Wales too, but this time the story went right to the top:

Nicola Sturgeon says it’s going to be fully investigated but what does that mean?,” Mr Ewing said. “Is she going to get in touch with us and tell us why my poor mother had to lie there for eight hours?

Nicola Sturgeon said health services were dealing with the most challenging combination of circumstances in their history due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Opposition politicians have highlighted a series of serious ambulance delays, including one where a man died after a 40-hour wait.

Mr Ewing said getting military help could have happened sooner once the government knew Covid cases were rising and hospitals were getting busier again.

“Why didn’t Nicola Sturgeon put in place a plan of action two or three weeks ago?,” he said. “I don’t think she would like her mother lying there in agony.

BBC Scotland know how to demonise a politician, how to distort the reality their audience faces and make them too anxious to vote for change.

When will they send Kay Adams and John Beattie down to BBC Wales to teach them to justify the ‘brit’ in BBC?

4 thoughts on “Sturgeon demonised, Drakeford excused all

  1. Wales is a different country.
    BBC Scotland is a different broadcaster, with a different agenda to BBC Wales. Though as Wales moves more toward self-government that will change.

    The BBC in Scotland (and BBC London/Salford) is acting out its “patriotic” duty by managing the news to suit a propaganda purpose.
    It is tasked to “maintain support for the Union”, not to provide accurate, unbiased information, or to educate us in its meaning.

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    1. I have noticed, however, that on the BBC Wales pages, particularly in stories relating to health and politics, the BBC has been allowing “Have Your Say” and these are very rapidly filled by unionist/Tory trolls and bots with very nasty and unpleasant comments about the Welsh Government and about Mr Drakeford. Many of the comments are almost identical to those that infect the BBC Scotland comments with WG/Drakeford replacing SG/Sturgeon.

      As the corruption, incompetence and sheer nastiness of the Johnson Government grows and as the devolved administrations are seen as beacons of honesty, competence and humanity, then the BBC clearly feels it has to provide an outlet for the thugs. In this way, it permits lying and aggression, but portrays it as the voice of the people.

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  2. The Tories couldn’t organise an efficient Test and Trace system ( despite throwing shed loads of money at it ! ) but you have to credit them with World Class trolling of the SNP , the FM and the Scottish Government -with the dutiful connivance of BBC Shortbread .

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