England’s pub bosses are submissive as their plague is buried in UK stats

Note how England’s hospitality firms call only for help. They clearly have no bar staff qualified in epidemiology who could then tell the government where it’s going wrong with vaccine certification and call for a change in pandemic strategy.

Note another record for daily Covid cases ‘in the UK?’

Of 88 376, 5 951 were in Scotland which is far short of the record of 7 113 on August 2021.

DUP/SF Northern Ireland had 2 237, slightly more, pro rata, than Scotland

Labour Wales and Con England are not publishing their figures, with the latter, supported by the BBC, hiding behind the UK figures. It’s obvious why.

England clearly had around 80 000 new cases more than 50% higher than Scotland. How might we explain that? Clearer messaging, quicker action, mask compliance.

Perhaps BBC Scotland could investigate this? They didn’t post today’s data either so…?


10 thoughts on “England’s pub bosses are submissive as their plague is buried in UK stats

  1. “Stand Scotland where it did”?
    If you watch the BEEB you will never know.
    “Context” is a different country to them.
    “Perspective” a figure in Greek myth.

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  2. Yet another story to prove that our BBC branch office sings from a different hymn sheet. It must be orchestrated by someone or some policy to be so different. Does our BBC branch office have any understanding of the harm they are doing. Is the guiding principles they use set into a ‘distortion department’ in the Herald? In room MI5 maybe.

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  3. On the previous Scotland Office/BBC in Scotland posting I can only conclude the scrutiny…
    I wrote at 2.21 your time, “And note John, the article is still now only an hour old, and has grown a Comments section with the earliest comment 11.10… 🤣”

    You need to scroll WAY down the page to find it now, demoted from it’s 2.19 evolution on the main page, but still in number two (how appropriate) on the Politics page, where it is now 7 hours old…

    Propaganda only works if folks don’t see what they’re doing, keep shining a spotlight…

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  4. Remember when Scotland opened up in August There were 1050 covid cases in hospital This number has gradually come down Today there were 531 It remains to be seen how this figure changes in the coming weeks but nothing is mentioned in the media about this

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    1. One of the very notable differences in BBC TV news coverage – 6pm on BBC 1 and then Reporting Scotland – is the way it reports daily on Covid-related statistics.

      The UK news programme regularly shows a series of graphs which give time series information – providing context and perspective for what has happened on the day relative to past data and trends. However, the graphs are only ever for ‘UK’ data.

      By contrast, Reporting Scotland reports daily figures and usually provides a comparison ONLY with yesterday’s figures – no time series graphics. And only Scotland data are provided. No context, no perspective, no comparisons with other data from anywhere – certainly not where a comparison would show Scotland in a favourable light.

      (On the provision of time series perspective I could be in error: Reporting Scotland may provide this but only when a day’s figure is the worst on record!)

      So the viewers in Scotland are again being failed by the public service broadcaster’s Scotland branch. Are trends over time deemed irrelevant by BBC Scotland’s editors, unlike their peers based in England: ‘official’ data are readily available tool of them after all. Or would such graphs – like evidence giving context and perspective on other matters regarding Scotland – be too revealing for BBC Scotland to contemplate?

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      1. Indeed Stewart, perspective for Scots (and English) has deliberately been “managed” throughout – When the “Care Homes” scandal blew up, or Covid deaths escalated, or Infections, or Test & Trace took effect, or vaccinations were the focus, where was England other than where a positive for England could be portrayed – “Covid capitals of Europe”? For a week ?

        We are seeing the same pattern of BBC in Scotland behaviour emerge as this latest wave impacts the SG response, NEVER are they portrayed as ahead of the game.
        It’s just not “cricket”…

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  5. Clearly, the Treasury has to provide finance to the hospitality industry, by the methods used in the earlier stages. This will provide job security for staff.

    We have been shown footage of the supplies of Christmas food in warehouses, which we are told, ‘Will have to be dumped’. These are usually Scottish firms and set in a deliberately vague context of ‘The Government (sic) needs to help us’. This is often preceded earlier in the bulletin by a Tory MSP claiming ‘The Scottish Government was given money by Westminster. Why isn’t it being given out now?” So, “The Government” is a dogwhistled, Scottish Government.

    If the Treausury provides financial support – as it should – this should include buying up the food in the warehouses, giving it to the hospitality industry to prepare and have it delivered to the many families, individuals and groups who are in poverty or are suffering other deprivations due to the nasty corrupt practices of the nasty Westminster Government.

    At various stages in the pandemic some restaurants and pubs (for example the one at the gate of Gartnavel Hospital) have been providing such a service, often supported by crowdfunding from the general public.

    The hospitality spokespeople would have a lot more credibility of they pitched their demands for assistance in such a context., rather than in the threatening, abusive and thuggish way they do, and seeking to countermand advice from NHS Scotland and the SG.

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