Reporting Scotland lies about significant drug deaths reduction

Reporting Scotland 1.30pm today, tell us the above on drug deaths in 2021. 4%? A ‘slight fall’ when compared with the same period last year. Wrong. From the report:

4% does not appear anywhere in the report. BBC Scotland’s website has no mention. 10% is more than significant and certainly not slight..

No comment from Jackie Baillie?

6 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland lies about significant drug deaths reduction

    1. gavinochiltree
      As to the source of ABC ( BBC )
      Afraid to inform you that in this instance
      You are completely wrong

      As just like you identify the source of a river
      Then one can clearly identify that without doubt that the source comes from the Anal regions of the most Snr.Editors and News Managers of the
      (ABC ) BBC

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  1. Actually John, I think BBC may be right this time.
    If you add the figures from the paragraph you quote, which I think is not too clear, 1007 (2021) versus 1047 (2020) the reduction of 40 equals 3.8% or have I miscalculated?


    1. Having said that 10% reduction in third quarter compared to same quarter the previous year, is significant and BBC obviously used the 9 months figures to talk Scotland Down as they always do.

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