You’re all just pissin’ in the wind. You don’t know but you are. And there ain’t nothing like a friend who’ll tell you just pissin’ in the wind‘ Neil Young

I did not expect that. 70% of Tus readers approve of Kevin McKenna?

It is a small sample of 5 944 twitter followers but I must accept it.

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Just in case they haven’t read him:


10 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. There are more important things to worry about. For example, I enjoy reading Michael Fry’s articles, even though I do not agree with their content. I have read him for years since he was a Tory writing in the Scotsman. People like Mr Fry and Mr McKenna can actually write pretty well and, often challengingly. They write pretty lucidly and comprehensibly.

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    1. If they write spin, propaganda, untruths or downright lies, that’s okay with you as long as they are well written?


      1. Niall, I can detect spin, etc. We were taught about it when I was in school c1963. I do not think Messrs Fry and McKenna do that. Mr Fry is upfront about his market ideology and Mr McKenna is a sincere RC, and that influences his writing, as well as his democratic socialism. Apart from the democratic socialism, I disagree with the other two stances. It is important to know what the kinds of arguments that are being advanced. I think both are supporters of independence and, if we are to get a majority for independence we need to ‘convert’ swithering marketeers and old Labourites.

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  2. Lots of bitternesss there then from the yoons, and I don’t use that term lightly.

    I didn’t see the poll but then on my twitter I mostly see BritNat Retweets by indy folk (I am sure their accounts are hacked) good and bad! I have to remember to go to specific accounts for actual decent discourse!

    It’s clear that Mckenna is no independence supporter, but he gets to pretend and write hateful inaccurate at best stories in the Herod. Still, it’s good to do a poll, you get to know who to block!!
    Keep up the good work John, and thanks.

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    1. Hmm – I prefer Alistair McDonalds take- lots of natural right wingers get overmuch paid employment from our media.If they hadn’t good prose styles, they wouldn’t be paid. I’d give a natural Tory like Fry the benefit of the doubt, ditto McKenna. I Draw the line @ the Massie/Rifkind Edinburgh Scotsman mob, the old labour lot @ Beeb, S. Times, etc. Right-pleasing prose is often clever, atrocious,amusing all at once-Liddle, Clarkson, Buckley,Buchanan in US..


  3. Don’t Frett

    Yes BBC parliament channel are broadcasting Westminster’s debate on changing England’s Covid rules. It’s’ on from 13.40 till 19.00 ie 5hrs 20 mins.
    BBC Scotland broadcast the FM’s Covid message must’ve been on for at least 15 mins before boldly cutting and going over to the studio.

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  4. Obviously McKenna is no journalist.
    His is an opinion piece–propaganda pure and simple. Often simplistic.
    I happen to like “opinions”, especially when intelligent and challenge my assumptions.
    McKenna is often not my cup of tea, and I find his endless comments on Sturgeon (who I thought should have stood down AFTER the last election) verge on misogyny—you don’t see him pile on male politicians in the same manner–something in his upbringing, perhaps?

    Labour, Catholic, news rooms, Celtic Park (sorry, Paradise)?
    Hardly a female to be seen, certainly not heard.

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  5. John I voted No as well, because I felt the article had several good aspects to it before toward the end (70% through) it went off the rails.
    For instance, he raises – rightly – the treatment of asylum seekers and those trying to help them; the disgraceful inequality of distribution of vaccines, such that the UK is about 80% vaccinated while many poorer countries are about 40% or even as low as 2% – which as he points out is coming back to bite us on the bum; that even here, vaccine rates are highest in more affluent areas; that – and I am sorry to say this – Kate Forbes has not done as much as she might to alter that wee bit of the tax base that she controls as she might have done to advantage the poorest in our society; the corruption of the market for PPE which the Tory Party have been complicit in.
    His question how all of this stacks up against a party, parties, or even an orgy at 10 Downing Street, is not only prescient but highly appropriate. I mean, we all know about the “parties” – sorry Lord Copper, “gatherings” – but how many know about treatment of asylum seekers, global vaccination rates etc, etc. He has – at the very least – a point.
    Then we get to the last two paragraphs which are astonishing. To me, it reads as if its only at that point he realises who he is writing for and thinks, “better do some SNP bashing”.
    Harold Wilson’s major critic in the Express in the 60s was Charlie Graham, who was a fully paid up member of the Labour Party (what he wrote about Wilson notwithstanding) – but he had bills to pay and the Express paid more than anyone else. Was Graham then doing anything different than McKenna is now – doing what he was told?
    But prior to those last two paragraphs, I think it was a reasonable summary.

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