The scaling of the pandemic

The FT’s line graph of new infections, 7 day average worked out daily, covering more than a year – wow! WTF! Run for the hills?

Here are the same data:

From Travelling Tabby, for just one month.

Stretching the bottom y axis makes anything seem less dramatic and squeezing it can create a tsunami.

Starting the x axis at 0 makes things look greater too.

Seriously, is that fall from 10th, cautious cause for optimism? Is better face covering holding Omicron back quite well?


Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

6 thoughts on “The scaling of the pandemic

  1. Maybe its the 10th which is a bit out of line?
    I would expect infections to rise, and rise, and rise………………………..

    Thank Gawd there’s whisky in the hoose.

    Sorry. Meant to say “medicine”!

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  2. On 20th Nov Covid cases where I live reached a high of 106 – Delta. The previous high had been about 40 – Alpha.

    From the 20th Nov onwards the numbers have fallen steadily. There were 18 cases on 7th Dec and on 10th Dec there were 40. More than doubled in 3 days. This is likely to be due to Omicron. In Denmark the doubling time is around 1.3 days.

    This afternoon I walked past one of the hairdressers in the High Street. Not one single customer was wearing a mask and the owner was, as usual, wearing his under his chin. Another of the hairdresser businesses in the High Street showed similar behaviour.

    With these short doubling times which are a reflection of the much shorter incubation times of Omicron compared to previous variants the tracking and tracing of contacts as a means of halting/slowing transmission becomes almost impossible.

    More, much more needs to be done about ventilation/air filtration in ALL locations. Masks, vaccinations and perspex screens are not going to do it.

    This is by no means over.

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