How many Boris supporters would you expect on a radio call-in show for party animals today?

From The Stand-in

No surprise, Kaye ‘not particularly Covid-anxious‘ Adams, first gets two angry callers to criticise the Tory Xmas parties. She responds only with hums.

Then a third one admits he broke the rules a bit, leading her to wonder, on that basis alone, if maybe this all just a ‘a charade.’ Something done just for show? By the opposition parties? Hum.

He goes on to suggest faux rage in all those who make a fuss here. He and his circle seem to have broken the rules here and there and so, he presumes that is somehow typical. He sounds young. Adams repeats his French and is clearly pleased to have been fed him by her researchers.

Then another claims there were house parties everywhere. Adams finds only the two apparently unbothered by the Downing St parties, ‘interesting.’

Are those two in any way representative of the calls and texts received? Adams then asks guest TV Chef Nick how he feels but then interrupts him quickly when he says:

Well, same as everyone else, pretty disgusted


Well you say same as everybody else, Craig is kinda phlegmatic.

Nairn dismisses them as ‘a few voices understanding

It would be interesting to watch the editorial selection process at this show. We know they regularly take Scotland in Union activists, under cover, to attack the SNP.

As usual, none admit to any political affiliations or even a second name.

Footnote: One caller refers to the video by Jacob Rees-Morgue!

Kaye Adams Mornings:

4 thoughts on “How many Boris supporters would you expect on a radio call-in show for party animals today?

  1. Kaye Adams doing her ”thing” !
    Expecting a critical reaction to Tory rule breaking ( again ! ) from her BBC Shortbread show is like expecting transparency on wrongdoing from the PM and his colleagues .

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  2. If you are arrested by the police for breaking the law,just tell them that you are going to hold an inquiry so they needn’t bother with all that arresting and charging malarky.
    Of course,it could take some time to set up the inquiry,by which time you will have left the country or the police will have lost interest and dropped the case.

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  3. Breaking News
    Boris under oath has sworn upon The Holy Bible
    That never ever again shall he lie
    And that was just before going into the operation theatre
    The purpose of which was to have his tongue removed


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