Johnson to act on leadership of Scottish Cons?

Former Tory MP Ross Thomson cleared of sexual misconduct after appeal  dismissed | Scotland | The Times
Ah, nice Jock!

From the Stand-in

Sources in the Westminster members bar have been overheard by covert TuS bar staff there suggesting that former MP for Aberdeen South, Ross Thomson, is to be forgiven for his bromance with that handsome young Labour MP’s south, and brought to Holyrood to lead the group there properly, ie never doubting the PM, ever, unlike that cheeky wee farmboy.

Thomson is of course Johnson’s former leadership campaign member and known to be very, too close to him:

Ross Thomson plays bodyguard for Boris Johnson
Not here Ross!

5 thoughts on “Johnson to act on leadership of Scottish Cons?

  1. A dancing House-Jock.

    Dancing to Boris the pipers tune!

    Same tune as Hi Jack.

    DRossie—“must resign if he misled parliament”!
    What, like expenses, DRossie?

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  2. So would this mean Dross resigning, as he would be about as much use as a spare wotsit at a wedding. But that would be as nought compared to getting Thomson in. Is there a safe enough constituency for the Tory Msp to put in a sick note in order to make his/her resignation even remotely respectable? The other parties would throw the kitchen sink at it. List Msp is even worse, as if an elected one (I mean elected in a murdo Fraser way) resigned, the next one on the party list from last may has to be nominated. Of course they might decline, but would the whole list do that? Maybe a covid party?

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  3. Methinks the biggest question everyone is desperate to find out at PQ is.. was there any Irn Bru and Scotch consumed at the ‘alleged’ party and if so Sturgeon must be answerable for allowing our ‘national drink’s to be brought into disrepute. Expect a Xmas BBC Scotland Watchdog special coming soon.

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