Scotland’s virus detection system far more effective

There were three cases of the new variant in England, 24 hours ago, with the furthest north in Nottingham, yet today, six have been detected in Scotland and BBC UK has no more detail from England.

What can this mean?

England’s privatised contact tracing system is still of little use compared to Scotland’s?


2 thoughts on “Scotland’s virus detection system far more effective

  1. Without any doubt Scotland far more expeditious and proficient in all matters
    Concerning this virus
    1. Heathrow is a huge international gateway to/ from the World, some of which seeps into Scotland
    2.Our test/ track is all under central command and control
    3.England,s 100 % Privately run, costing a bloody fortune £ 36 billion & counting and about as much use as a Fart in a space suit
    Why no performance and penalty clause
    Contained in this contract or maybe not
    But such and all terms of contract not available to scrutiny
    It is essential that such large important contracts have fair but onerous contract clauses that make sure the specifications
    Strictly complied with and enforced by severe penalty clauses such as withheld payments till compliance standards reached
    Such can be easily catered for at time of tender by using a specific Clause item that MUST be priced for by the bidder
    Such ensures that the Clent,s. Representative can properly scrutinise all Tenders received and ask pertinent questions prior contract award to ensure
    That the bidders have fully understood such clauses and priced accordingly
    And remind them that these performance and penalty clause SHALL be rigoursly used
    Thereby affording those who have obviously priced considerably lower than those who have properly taken of cognisance of such,to reconsider their tender
    Once you award the contract both parties are now stuck with any serious consequences that will arise
    One way or another for England
    This government is guilt of any or all of the following
    2.Gross incompetence at tender and contract award
    3.Guilty of failing to enforce contract conditions
    No matter what they have no escape of such accusations whatsoever
    Yet nothing is done about this
    In life you MUST pay for your errors
    And in this case one payment they shall make is The Breaking away of Scotland
    From this Inept,useless and rotten to the core corrupt governance who are not only holding us back economically and socially but actually Killing us and if not and lucky enough to survive but only with serious long term economic and ongoing
    Health issues
    I shall take no countenance or any argument from any upon this statement

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  2. Oh yes, the BBC reports happily that Scotland has more of the new variant than England. Probably “Sturgeon’s” fault. And the band played “believe it if you like.” And the Tories will like!!

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