Child payment doubling is most ambitious antipoverty measure anywhere in the UK

They’ve doubled it!? What can I tell my constituents now?

In the Guardian’s less than gushing report on the most ambitious antipoverty measure anywhere in the UK (No speech marks required, it just is):

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour’s deputy leader, said the £20 increase in the child payment was welcome but said Labour would be pressing for that to be doubled again to £40 next year in the next Scottish budget. “As it stands, this welcome development will not be enough to ensure we meet the statutory child poverty targets that the Scottish parliament has passed,” she said.

I’m reminded of one of the other hypocritical, brass-necked, comments by Baillie, back in April 2020:

In the Education, Communities and Justice committee on Thursday:

Jackie Baillie (Dumbarton) (Scottish Labour): To ask the Scottish Government what provision will be made for the delivery of free school meals when schools are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

It’s deeply moving, well more stomach-churning, to hear from the leader of the right-wing in Scottish Labour Unionist Group (SLUG) pretending to care about the weans. Back in 2002, when she and her colleagues in government voted down the universal provision of free school meals and the retention of the humiliating means test, she was more like herself.

First, Tommy Sheridan SSP  at 3:32 pm, 20th June 2002 said:

We do not means test children to allow them access to schools. We do not means test children to allow them access to hospitals. We do not means test children to allow them access to libraries. It is a disgrace that we means test children in relation to school meals. From the age of five, we divide and label kids according to the income of their parents. The apologists for such divisive behaviour euphemistically call it targeting. Those who are able to think for themselves and who are not worried about their own political careers, are honest enough to call it what it is—means testing.

Jackie Baillie Labour then said:

I paraphrase Aneurin Bevan, who once said that socialism is the language of priorities. Tackling poverty, and child poverty in particular, is a priority for the Parliament, the Executive and the First Minister. We know that a clear, causal link exists between poverty and ill health and that it can affect children’s life chances and opportunities. The question, therefore, is whether we should target resources at those who are in most need, or whether we should spread the jam thinly.

John McAllion Labour then pointed to Baillie’s misreading of Bevan:

Jackie Baillie quoted Nye Bevan. That is fine, but she did not quote Nye Bevan’s lifelong detestation of the means test, which he fought all his life. Nye Bevan was once threatened with expulsion from the parliamentary Labour party for tabling amendments to end the means testing of old people. Were he here this afternoon, I have no doubt which side of the debate he would be arguing for.

Makes you wonder what a Labour-led administration might achieve?

Across the four parts of the UK, Wales has consistently had the highest poverty. Scotland has generally had the lowest poverty.


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15 thoughts on “Child payment doubling is most ambitious antipoverty measure anywhere in the UK

  1. With regards use of the Word ” pressing ”
    As deployed by Jackie Baillie
    I have reservations if she could actually press a pair of trouser or a blouse for that matter
    Far less press a most competent SG or its leader

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  2. Baillie—just one of “Scottish” Labours cadre of privately educated leaders. The thing about that is—you don’t have to be a “lad o’ pairts” to get on in life.
    In the private system, they all look out for each other.
    Even the thickest gets whatever jam and cream is going—look at Hi Jack!
    Baillie will have been taught that she is BETTER than the hoi polloi: to put her best foot forward, stick to her guns and brass neck it.
    She landed in the Labour party, where you can say anything you want and its NEVER held agin you (unless the word is socialism).

    Wasn’t it a Labour spokeswumin who stated that Tory austerity cuts to social provision DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH?

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  3. OT – Have you seen this “Scotland expands vaccine rollout after six Omicron cases found” with Comments open… ? . Worth a peruse but I’d avoid the Comments, typically from proud Scot Winton Henry McJones of Milton Keynes by way of Aberfeldy with a Birmingham postcode.

    Yet again unattributed, relying on the waffle-iron “Analysis By Glenn Campbell BBC Scotland Political Editor” to imply official BBC in Scotland origin but clearly very carefully constructed by “specialists”. Nick Robinson, said nothing.

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      1. What does “Jonny” know that the scientific community do not ?
        Alpha to Delta bumped the herd immunity threshold upward, with that Delta threshold having been passed with no signs of herd immunity, scientists were in suck and see mode, then Omicrum came along…..


  4. I listened to Drive Time on Radio Scotland from 4.30 to 6pm and heard no mention of the increase in Child Payment: indeed there was no mention of the SNP conference. Do they really think that they can conceal all good news coming from the Scottish Government?

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    1. ‘Do they really think that they can conceal all good news coming from the Scottish Government?’

      The evidence – to emphasise, the ‘evidence’ – from TuS over years now is that the BBC may well seek to conceal (or divert from), if not all then much good news. And they use various methods:

      1) Directly- through bias by omission.

      2) By failing to provide ‘context’ – for example not mentioning the severely limited fiscal and zero monetary powers available to the Scottish Government.

      3) By failing to provide ‘perspective’ – for example rarely informing how matters in Scotland compare with similar in the other UK nations when Scotland’s statistics are better.

      4) Negatively framed news headlines – even if then reporting later in an article or broadcast piece a positive. Or favouring the insertion of the negative ‘BUT’ to counter any positive.

      5) Exceptionally aggressive interviewing – which limits scope for SG spokespersons to communicate a positive during broadcasts.

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  5. I’m not being marrying the obvious hatred showing in the picture of ‘Jackie the Baleful’ is probably one of the main reasons for the liebour party’s poll failures. (helped by their leader’s lying obfuscation). Awful!


  6. I just do not like the woman. To me she is so self centred she is an embarrassment to her profession, herself, her family and her party. Totally dislike the woman. An intellectual weeklong.


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