JCVI and SAGE members support vaccine developed in Scotland

It’s now clear that the UK Government’s decision to cancel the order for 100 million doses of the Valneva vaccine, to be produced in Livingston, near Edinburgh, has been a major error.

Professors Adam Finn of the JCVI and Calum Semple of SAGE, have said in the last two days there is a ‘strong theoretical argument’ that the Valneva jab could provide protection against the Botswana variant. 

The new Omicron variant is known to have mutated dramatically in its protein spike, by which it penetrates human cells and, crucially, by which it is recognised by the human immune defences and targeted by all of the vaccines currently in use in the UK.


In sharp contrast, the Valneva vaccine, by introducing a whole but inactivated coronavirus into the human body, enables the immune system to recognise the whole virus as foreign and not just the spike proteins. This will give a much broader immune response and increase the memory cells that can recognise different parts of the virus should the vaccinated individual become infected with the real coronavirus.

Why was the contract cancelled?

Savid Javid quoted ‘commercial reasons’ and claimed the JCVI would not approve it but it’s recognised globally

They cancelled it around the time of their spats with the French over fishing and nuclear subs for Oz and, of course, trying to keep Nicola in her box at COP26

And were they still in the huff over how the EU delayed the AZ approval?


12 thoughts on “JCVI and SAGE members support vaccine developed in Scotland

  1. Yes valneva is an alternative like the Indian one


    How does Covaxin work?

    The vaccine is similar to CoronaVac (the Chinese vaccine developed by Sinovac)3 in that it uses a complete infective SARS-CoV-2 viral particle consisting of RNA surrounded by a protein shell, but modified so that it cannot replicate.4

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      1. Alex is being witty and guying the kind of responses that STV, BBC and the opposition come up with.

        BBC Scotland leads on the SCOTTISH POLITICS page with the fact that six cases of the Omicron variant have been identified in the west of Scotland.

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  2. John
    You enquire as to why HM Government
    Cancelled Valneva order
    Well it is just like placing a bet upon a horse in order to ” Find Out Why ”
    You study the form then decide Bet or Not
    And Oh My this government has plenty of form of which to study
    So lets take a wee deek at such track record
    1.They are corrupt as the Devil
    2.This corrupted bunch invariably load all
    In their favour, Matters not as far the public concerned that their money is placed upon the Donkey in the race.Think useless PPE & a hideously expensive track / trace system
    3.They will enact policies that deliberately undermine Scotland
    4.Their behaviour more often than not demonstrates a very Churlish,Children’s
    Spit the dummy and revengeful acts
    5. Before absolutely corrupt actions enacted they already have the branch in their hands to hide and brush their filthy
    Corrupt steps as much as possible out of sight and reach of the Law.Think Lap Dog MSM & ABC ( BBC )
    6.If somehow they called out to account
    They dismiss , brazen it out knowing full well England and its population actually find such fair game
    Think how was Dell Boy such a popular character and a great Hero to them
    7.They are past masters at all such affairs
    Par for the course Old Chappie
    8.Greed is not one of the Deadly sins for nothing you know, and oh my this lot will feast till they burst
    So in conclusion bet the house on any of/or all form above as to why they cancelled the Valvena order
    So So Sorry No more bets please the book now closed due to extraordinary large bets now placed and immediately
    Upon opening
    I do believe many such bets can be very closely linked to the Government or its sources


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    1. Iain Hall
      You enquire as to who cares for health
      Most certainly NOT Boris
      After all he is more than happy to have bodies piled upon the streets
      Because the only thing that really matters is Money
      And when this believe system confronts
      This Virus then you are on a hiding to nothing
      Already fiscally the UK has taken the biggest hit of all major economies and the dial running backwards with ever increasing velocity with each very harmful mutation that surely arises
      Ah but and as far Scotland concerned
      Just like Gravity this velocity shall be terminal as we exit this throughly broken
      Corrupt Union
      But for England such speed can only but accelerate until they hit the ground with
      a almighty THUD
      Somehow and perversely England appears to be enjoying their fall
      Now maybe that is a unforeseen benefit of taking back control
      Enjoy the ride Little England
      Land of plague and despair


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