SAGE professor confirms Livingston vaccine cancelled by UK Government more effective for new variant

A Senior Government Clinical Advisor on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (COVID-19 response) and a former member of the WHO Scientific Technical Advisory Committee for Ebola Emergencies (STAC-EE) and UK Pandemic Flu group has confirmed that the Valneva vaccine developed in Scotland would, ‘in principle’ be more effective than the ones we currently use, in fighting the new Omicron variant.

Readers will remember that the UK Government cancelled an order for the Valneva vaccine in September on ‘commercial grounds’ and on the notion that it would not meet UK safety standards.

Professor Semple commented after reading this:

Now French pharmaceutical company Valneva is throwing its hat into the vaccine ring, but it has a vaccine with a difference. Rather than induce an immune response that targets just the spike protein of the coronavirus, the Valneva vaccine, also known as VLA2001, stimulates an immune response to the entire virus, and that might just give it an edge over its competitors.

It is different in that it uses the tried and tested method of taking the whole of the coronavirus and inactivating it so that it can no longer cause illness. It then combines with an adjuvant, a substance that helps it enter human cells effectively.

A similar technique is used to make flu and polio vaccines. The idea is that by introducing a whole coronavirus into the human body, albeit one which has been inactivated and cannot cause illness, the immune system will recognise the whole virus as foreign and not just the spike proteins. This will give a much broader immune response and increase the memory cells that can recognise different parts of the virus should the vaccinated individual become infected with the real coronavirus.

The company say the advantage to this is that should any mutations arise on the spike protein that render it unrecognisable to the vaccine, the Valenva-induced immune response is broad enough to be able to recognise other parts of the virus so the immune reaction will still be effective.


27 thoughts on “SAGE professor confirms Livingston vaccine cancelled by UK Government more effective for new variant

  1. The Observer also had a report featuring the former head of the government’s vaccine taskforce Brian Dix, who resigned and said he could see no evidence that his blueprint for tackling the most worrying variants – submitted in the spring – had been acted upon.

    He said that he had envisaged the French company Valneva as a key part of the recommended process to plan for new varients. However, he said the government’s “ridiculous” decision to scrap its existing contract with the company had damaged that approach.

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  2. Anonymous or Andy, what doesn’t sound right? That he complained that UK Gov ignored his recommendations when he was head of the vaccine task force or that he criticised their decision to cancel Valneva contract?

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  3. Ah but do not forget that a certain individual is more willing
    ” To see the bodies piled high upon the streets ”
    Hail Hail Hail
    Boris the Terrible
    The last Emperor of Scotland

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  4. Hmm, ‘received millions of pounds of UK government investment as a credit for future vaccine supply’.

    I was looking for this but it doesn’t say anything about receiving millions of pounds from the UK government strangely. I’m sure I read somewhere that the UK government has handed over a large sum to get this up and running.

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  5. Prof Semple theorised the Valneva vaccine should be more effective – Even with extensive clinical trials, it’s verified impact in widespread deployment in the field is as yet an unknown.

    Should a mutant arise which bypasses the protection afforded by existing vaccines, all the work done to vaccinate the most vulnerable would become redundant overnight. The UK’s lack of action to drive down infection levels positively invites such a scenario to arise, a cavalier approach which is fundamentally dangerous.

    What troubles me most over the HMG Valneva decision, is suspicions they were more influenced by “vested interests” with established players than in evaluating what may improve protection of the populace.
    London has a long list of such examples on their Covid rap-sheet.

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          1. If it is available in the UKok, it will be a huge cost. hell mend the Englisg government for cancelling this potentially life saving vaccine, absolutely disgusted at this actually.
            I hope Scotland can access the Valvena vaccine as soon as is feasible.

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  6. In the face of falling infection rates in Scotland noted that some sections of the media almost ‘gleefully’ reporting today that Scotland had six cases of the new variant it surely must present an opportunity for the Scottish Gov to press ahead with HMG Valneva vaccine. This I feel would inflict more damage on Boris, the UK Gov & Mr Marr & Co that Scotland is very much leading the fight against Covid.

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      1. Already approved in EU but suplies not till April.

        The European Commission said the contract with Valneva provides the possibility for EU member states to purchase nearly 27 million doses in 2022.

        Member states can then make a further order of up to 33 million additional vaccines in 2023.

        The deal includes the possibility to adapt the vaccine to new variant strains.

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      2. I’m pretty sure it could be fast tracked, didn’t they more or less do that with the Astra zeneca?
        The English government won’t approve Valvena because it’s made in Scotland. I have a sneaky feeling a similar vaccine will be developed pretty damn quick at their state of the art labs in England.

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        1. “…fast tracked, didn’t they more or less do that with the Astra zeneca?”
          Yes they did, hence the big hoohah over “Oxford” and “proof” of what could be done once quit of the EU, all bull of course.
          I don’t think Valneva are being picked on over the Scottish connection, but something very much stinks over vested interests in Javid’s comments and the contract cancellation.

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            1. They’d have attempted to destroy it wherever it was based, this has the smell of vested financial interests.
              The only certainty we can have with the Tories is they always follow the money.

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                1. Robert Martin
                  And also it passes through China on its flight and becomes Hypersonic as it returns at 8× mach to hit him full on upon his muttering mouth

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