Andrew, new cases soaring widely but not in Scotland

Despite Andrew Marr’s desperate attempts to convince us that Nicola Sturgeon has done nothing much different from Boris Johnson, the infection rate in Scotland is far below that in many countries featuring in media reports, imposing stricter measures and it is falling while England is soaring again.

Meanwhile BBC Scotland is on the phone to that Dumfries bar steward who lets folk wander round barefaced, to get his views.

5 thoughts on “Andrew, new cases soaring widely but not in Scotland

  1. I recently gave Marr the benefit of doubt, think he was just “his masters voice”, doing a hatchet job on behalf of the State controlled BEEB.
    Not now. As he has handed in his notice, his views, opinions and voice must now be reflected on his program, and considered his own….. to own.

    So, we can see that in reality, he is one sleekit, double-dealing, slippery, peddler of snake-oil, his reputation marred by his ugly disregard for facts.

    Marr’s very own snake-oil, with his name stamped on the label.

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  2. According arch itv English nationalist Susanna Reid on breakfast tv, we’re told there are six cases of the new variant in Scotland. Any news on this.


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