Scotland’s beaches cleanest in UK


I know that there are several ‘ah buts‘ in this report from the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean 2021 results but the fact remains that, based on the data in the bar graph above, the investigators found less litter per 100m on Scottish beaches than on those elsewhere in mainland UK.

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s beaches cleanest in UK

  1. The Guardian chose to report this as amount of litter on UK beaches is falling but the Scottish MSM have spun it the other way.

    The next story up in a few days will no doubt be in response to this in the Guardian today and will no doubt be framed to suggest that Scotland is just as bad

    For UK read English which is the Guardian’s usual meaning of ‘UK’

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  2. Me thinks that the beeches are cleaner up here because we dump less sewerage into the sea, oh! and it’s too bloody cold most days to go to the beech hence less litter.

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