Scottish Government’s consultancy costs tiny fraction of UK Government spend

Typically, unresearched, but with another of their favourite FM pics, from the Herald’s David Bol, £25 million over 5 years, is a drop in the ocean.

From the FT in October 2021:

The value of contracts awarded by the UK government and public bodies to consultants more than doubled to £2.5bn in 2020-21, as extensive use of the private sector was made in response to the coronavirus crisis, according to new research. The Big Four professional services firms — Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC — were awarded contracts worth £1.2bn on a combined basis in the year to March 2021, according to analysis by data provider Tussell.

So 12 times the population but 500 times the spend, 41 times pro rata.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Government’s consultancy costs tiny fraction of UK Government spend

  1. The Herod reasons that for plebs earning on average, £25k per year, £5 million per year is a LOT OF MONEY, whereas £2.5billion is beyond there comprehension and, anyway 2.5 is a smaller number than 5.

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  2. I saw this story in the Herald today and immediately thought of this one from a few days ago

    At that rate of spend it will take them just 3 weeks to rack up the same spend on consultants that took the SG 5 years. Now we know why Track and Trace in England cost £37 Billion. And remember some of that is paid for with our tax money that the UK Gov retains for it’s own use.

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  3. £25 million? If was £25 billion we could be asking questions, but over five years, seems like peanuts for a government spend.

    A great distraction from the £billions being spaffed up the wall by the English government, much of which goes to their pals. Imagine what Scotland could do with the £billions that the EngGov take as freebies from our country, to feather their own nests!

    EngGov, bunch of freeloaders. That OK with you Scotland?

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  4. £5Million a year. Budget £30Billion. Tax revenues raised £66Billion.

    Necessary spending. To save money that could be wasted.

    The fraud at Westminster. Sleaze and corruption. Tory donors getting non scrutinised gov contracts.

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