The Power of Nightmares

The Scottish Government is working on steps to save lives, fully backed by expert opinion and in concert with nearly every other European nation, including England, and Reporting Scotland spend much of the first report on business opposition, before any actual announcement.

This of course, echoes, opposition parties’ political comments yesterday.

In the teeth of a stubborn pandemic why do we get this supposed ‘balance’ from a partisan and uneducated group? What next, anti-vaxxers, anti-face-covering groups, birchers?

Then we’re off to NHS Lanarkshire, once more, to hear they’re working at full capacity and can’t deliver the care ‘they want to.’ They even tell us that there are only 100 Covid cases compared to over 350 in January but don’t wonder how the 100 can now be ‘full capacity all the time.’

Not being able to do everything all the time? Isn’t that always true?

Third, it’s a return to a regular report on another health story. Elgin’s Dr Gray’s doesn’t have a consultant-led maternity service and one in four babies are born in Aberdeen. Here are Scotland’s consultant-led maternity units:

Where there are no complications, 75% of Moray babies are delivered in Elgin. No doubt, similar levels are common in, say, Wick or Fort William or Stranraer or Hawick. Is there anything special about Elgin or is this just another feed from a Tory MP/MSP/linesman?

Finally, it’s children designing Christmas street decorations. The SNP Government is not accused of budget cuts causing this.

So, three reports, all three with implied Scottish Government failure, selected by an editorial team, for many many other stories out there. Three reports triggering a generalised anxiety in the elderly, the pregnant, the vulnerable and those connected to them. The anxious tend not to vote for change feeling better together regardless of the evidence.

We’re all a bit more anxious first thing. Theses reports, at that time, have the power of nightmares.

9 thoughts on “The Power of Nightmares

  1. As Gordon Ross of Indy car noted, if there is a general malaise, depression, anxiety it’s because the people of Scotland are under attack from the BBC and STV, with their constant doom and gloom, and the idea that Scotland is useless and incapable of doing anything positive and worthwhile.
    COVID-19 isn’t the problem in Scotland it’s the constant gas lighting by the so called media, and Brexit being forced on Scotland, if we dare mention that of course. The constant negativity from the media, (on top of isolationist backward, corrupt tax haven UK) is demoralising, and it’s designed to instill fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, no doubt in the hope the people of Scotland will switch off from reading anything but the headlines, brainwashing enough people into a zombie like state, unengaged with reality or facts.

    Before the internet it was much easier to fool people en masse, now, not so much.

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  2. Moray is one of the smaller Scottish local authorities. It does have a fairly significant town, Elgin, and has a fair amount of fishing and farming. And, in addition to the military base at Lossiemouth, it has GORDONSTOUN! However, the major towns of the north east are Aberdeen and Inverness. Highland Region covers a huge area and Aberdeenshire a fairly large one, too. Yet, barely a week goes by without some ‘dire’ statistic relating to Moray. This is analogous to West Lothian getting as much coverage as Edinburgh, which it doesn’t or North Ayrshire getting as much coverage as Glasgow.

    This, of course is BBC Scotland propagandising on behalf of the Tories and, in particular of its MP, Mr DRoss. He is an MSP, too, but for the Highland area, but clearly his party there is not issuing as many press releases as his Elgin office

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  3. I was never a great fan of Leonard Cohen, hence amused by a comment on his style as “music to slit your wrists by”, BBC Scotland are the journalistic equivalent.

    They have been non-stop in promoting the “hospitality industry” woebaggery over “passports” on their webpages, today’s “Decision due on expansion of Scottish vaccine passport scheme” continuing the theme with the usual array of objectors.

    Yet they see no contradiction between that and promoting their “Monklands is working at full capacity” slant in “Covid in Scotland: A&E staff fear post-Christmas rise in virus cases”.
    So long as it imparts a negative perspective on the SG the subject really doesn’t appear to matter to them all, and when it comes to Covid, “Let the bodies pile high..” comes to mind.

    All of Europe is looking to the winter with trepidation – The EU Covid Passport being broadly viewed as a mechanism by which they might keep a lid on it and drive up vaccination rates.
    However, it’s not just in the UK or Scotland where it’s a vexed issue,

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      1. 🤣 No worries, I’ll go for the double and confirm I didn’t rate Dylan much either, but that in an era where my musical interests were quite different.

        As writers both excelled, some suited their singing styles more than others, a good example is Jennifer Warnes “Famous Blue Raincoat”.

        I’ll slink off back into my crypt now…

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  4. ..and another problem from our BBC Shortbread correspondent in the Moray area – Gaelic road signs have been accused of causing confusion , and it is thought that some children will NOT be receiving a visit from Santa due to this unnecessary problem caused by the Scottish Government .

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  5. Re.
    Full capacity
    Their are many in Agriculture,Distribution,Supply Chains,Fishing and Hospitality who are prevented from working far from Full
    All due to that banned word which might just be removed from the Oxford Dictionary


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