The other soldiers, abusing women

Soldiers ‘saving NHS Scotland’ are commonly seen in our MSM especially on BBC Scotland, despite only making up less than 1% of frontline staffing and not being trained to do much.

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic

What, none of them can do emergencies? None? I don’t think Alister Jack mentioned that.

There are other stories about soldiers not making into the media, like this from SNP Media today:

Ministry of Defence figures have revealed that complaints of rape and sexual assault made by girls under 18 in the military have risen tenfold since 2015 – the equivalent of one report for every 40 girls.
Furthermore, a Defence Select Committee report revealed that 62% of female Service personnel and veterans have experienced bullying, harassment, and discrimination – with nearly 40% of military women telling the Committee that their experience of the complaints system was “extremely poor”.
The SNP’s Armed Forces and Veterans spokesperson, Carol Monaghan MP, has urged the Defence Secretary to do more to combat the issue, and deliver a package of new measures.
These include making sexual consent training mandatory for existing personnel, as well as new starts; implementing the MoD’s Service Justice System review recommendations into inappropriate behaviour in the Armed Forces; and to legislate for rape and sexual assault cases to be trialled in a civilian court instead of an all-male military court, as part of a National Action Plan to tackle these manifold issues.
Commenting, the SNP’s Armed Forces and Veterans spokesperson Carol Monaghan MP said:
“The Defence Secretary’s announcement that sexual consent training will be introduced is long overdue, but still doesn’t go far enough. 
“This training will only be mandatory for new recruits and will be optional for those already deployed. This type of training must be made mandatory for every individual within the armed forces – whether they’re a recruit or a commanding officer. 
“The Defence Secretary can’t stop there. He must also deliver a much wider package of measures, including implementing both the MoD’s Service Justice System review and the Wigston review recommendations, and legislate for rape and sexual assault cases to be trialled in a civil court instead of an all-male military court.
“There is no point in the UK government holding their hands up and saying they are ashamed of their record on issues such as rape conviction rates if they aren’t going to take meaningful action. That helps nobody. 
“Meeting with army generals is a step in the right direction, but the fact that no females were present only highlights the fact that women aren’t being treated with dignity and respect. 
“It’s time for Ben Wallace and the UK government to heed the warning calls and finally deliver drastic action to root out this horror once and for all.”
Army ‘woefully behind’ on careers for women, says Ben Wallace
Defence secretary summons UK army board amid series of scandals

3 thoughts on “The other soldiers, abusing women

  1. I thiink Rudyard Kipling summed-up our attitude to our armed servicefs, well over 100 years ago:

    “For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an` Chuck him out, the brute! ”
    But it’s ” Saviour of ‘is country ” when the guns begin to shoot;”

    Britain has long had a problem with our military – who are just ordinary lads – mostly good, some bad, doing a difficult job to the best of their ability.

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    1. socratesmacsporran
      If you can go and research what Ireland,Yemen (Aden) , India and Kenya
      Thought of the British soldier Rape oh yes but far far worse than that
      And all.watched over the Squaddies officers who sometimes joined in
      All normal behaviour Old Chappie


  2. I don’t think the EngGov give one hoot about women being abused in the army actually. It’s the last of their priorities. I don’t suppose much vetting goes on when recruiting and equality training will be laughed at.

    Scotland needs their own well trained defence forces after independence, and not one styled on the ‘British’ (too often brutish) form.
    As for ‘saving Scotland’, Scotland is not getting naything for free from their neighbours, as we all know, is made to pay more in fact for any perks of the union lol!

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