Fake Yes-supporter hiding SNP’s real leftist achievements, again

Who are Mckenna’s con artists? Not Corbyn despite the image but the SNP Government, of course, again.

In the interests of efficiency, I’ll simply link you to a piece by miner and war-hero’s son, former senior police officer and now SNP MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, Allan Dorans, in Left Foot Forward, which demonstrates with actual facts, that the SNP is the force for a more equal society that Labour has not been for decades now:

You can read it at:


McKenna has, of course, never written for LFF. They don’t pay. He has once, only, been quoted there describing the SNP as having ‘annexed‘ Scotland.


He’s quite a wordy guy. He must know you can only annex somewhere from outside. Isn’t it England that annexed Scotland?

5 thoughts on “Fake Yes-supporter hiding SNP’s real leftist achievements, again

  1. Sorry John O/T but think you would be interested.


    In the same paper there is a short article about a woman who claimed £4,900 fraudulently “which is wrong” and has been jailed,I don’t condone what she has done but it makes me made when I see these Tory scum claim all that money and get away with it ,we have not broken any rules excuse but it is them that make the rules.
    rant over.

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    1. If the little people avoid one penny of tax, or claim one penny more in ‘benefits’ than the EngGov says they deserve, they are not just reprimanded but can be imprisoned! Sometimes you have to wonder which century this is, with a feudal system and tax system made by and favouring the rich. It’s truly scary and it’s going to get much worse when Brexit really kicks in, and especially when the Tories and their Labour pals scrap the human rights act. Brrr it’s really chilly isn’t it…this cesspit UK.


  2. False flag, fake news,
    McKenna with his “Union” blues.
    Writes any shite, for a penny,
    probably votes for Wullie Rennie.
    A Brit-Nat false faced Henny Penny.
    When Scotland realises —
    “when you aint got nothin’, you aint got nothin’ to lose”.
    McKenna should go on a foreign cruise.
    A fast boat, speeding tae Toulouse
    I wouldnt want to be in his shoes!
    A rope: a tree: wid be his clues.


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