English Tory regurgitates undigested myths for aljazeera.com

From cuckooshoe:

“Do Scottish nationalists really want another referendum now?”

Try unpicking this..

“Scotland has shared a long and often turbulent history with the rest of the UK, having had the same monarch as England since 1603, when England’s Queen Elizabeth I, who had no children, passed the crown to her relative King James of Scotland.”

and this..

“The subsequent political union with the UK in 1707… ”

and this..

“…it is odd that Scottish nationalists so focused on regaining sovereignty should be willing to relinquish it to the EU.”

and this..

“… there is also the fact that ahead of the 2014 referendum, those on both sides of the debate described it as a “once in a generation” vote.”

and this..

” The UK government has the power to simply not grant another referendum,”

In a section on Catalonia..

“Catalonia’s case study may cause even the most ardent Scottish nationalist to pause for thought”

It not require any thought

“Addressing press and supporters, who had gathered outside the court in solidarity, her lawyer Aamer Anwar said that the crime of sedition with which Ponsati is charged by Spanish authorities was abolished in Scotland “many years ago.””

etc, etc, etc,

At the end of the article it says

“The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.”

I would hope not.

4 thoughts on “English Tory regurgitates undigested myths for aljazeera.com

  1. I read Aljazeera as it has news in it. I noticed this article a good few days ago. It is total tosh. Interesting though that our Unionist ‘friends’ feel it is worthwhile writing in its editorial pages. Aljazeera was clear though in stating that the views expressed were not necessarily theirs.
    I have written to them asking if it is possible to reply to these inaccurate editorials in future. No reply yet, two days and counting.

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    1. Indeed, Andy. If they do not balance it out with a counter argument with equal prominence, they are in effect saying this is their view in fact.
      The British NATIONALISTS writing these made up articles, given a platform to write their own opinion as if it’s fact, is clear as day propaganda.

      This is of course designed to demonise and undermine the people of Scotland, to gas light them, by way of denying their true history, all part of the media assault, utterly demoralise the people of Scotland, as Indy Car Gordon spoke about on his YT channel yesterday. Scotland has had ‘the eyes of the world’ on their country and their social democratic government, and as we know the ‘eyes of the world’ were actually rather impressed with Scotland!! This sort of ‘nationalist’ international gas lighting of Scotland, and British ‘nationalist’ pap, will be ramped up in the coming months and right up to Indy ref#2. It’s deliberate, sinister and transparent. typical British state orchestrated propaganda being touted around the globe, not surprising though.

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    2. It is best not dignifying ”tosh” with a response .
      As Mark Twain said ” Never argue with an idiot . They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience !”


  2. Aye, read that worthy comment by @cuckooshoe and was frankly amazed Aljazeera stood over it as “free speech” with response denied.
    Thought to look the guy up, failed Conservative candidate in 2019, then read the brief Wikipedia page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Luk and it all made sense, a similar strategy to SiU.
    Aljazeera were fooled once by a failed Con, we can only hope they can learn from that experience. The Cons won’t, all they care about is staying in power…

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