99.9% given correct vaccine, three times!

Sunday Mail

According to Scottish Care, there were 35 989 residents in care homes in 2017, the most recent data. Most of these have had three jags now so that’s more than 105 000 jags altogether. To our knowledge only 11 have been bungled, 0.01%.

How many of these 11 then went on to catch Covid or die from it? None. You can be sure the error was remedied quickly and that no one suffered. Jackie Baillie and the Record would be shrieking about that if it had. Who told Jackie Baillie about this? What was their motive? Labour membership or money?

96% of care home residents and 100% of staff have had both jags.

There is a real care home vaccine bungle scandal in England where 50 000 care home staff, 10%, seem likely to refuse the vaccine.

An even greater care home scandal has been ignored by the MSM:


The above graph revealing starkly the cost in lives of the failure in England to fully implement the JCVI guidance and vaccinate care home residents before all other groups, in December 2020, was compiled by Na Sirf Musiqi https://twitter.com/nasirfmusiqi from official sources.

This shows the impact of the vaccinations as they began to confer immunity on many in Scottish care homes from the middle of January 2021:


Another story never told.

Sunday Mail

5 thoughts on “99.9% given correct vaccine, three times!

  1. I hope these ”jabs” were not administered by our plucky armed forces personnel !

    And, based on Jackie Baillie’s history with numbers, can we trust her figures to be correct ?
    Thankfully none of these accidental mishaps caused any deaths – or we would be treated to the ambulance chaser Sarwar crying crocodile tears in front of the cameras while rending his clothes in Pharisee fashion !


    1. “I hope these ”jabs” were not administered by our plucky armed forces personnel ! “

      O/T – but James mentioned sojers, so it’s not my fault! 😀

      I’m so excited.
      Army personnel.
      Well, people in camouflage anyhoo.

      There were 5 of them. One of the staff (unnamed to protect the innocent) confirmed they do actually inject people. Hopefully, as you say, with vaccine! When I saw then they were in a group with a couple of white coats in what was described as a prayer meeting!

      In answer to my query, my ‘unnamed source’ wasn’t certain of the full complement (they might wok shifts) but did say they were being put up at an hotel and were delivered in a (I think they said nine-seater) minibus.

      Oh, they’re in Aberdeen.

      But they do exist. Honest

      I leave less dyscalculic brains to work out percentages…


  2. Stories Never told
    Ah but they are
    Upon headstones written in Black as ink
    And death certificates
    Bet your last $ someday someone will properly research and publish
    Now write the findings on the headstones of those who are entirely to blame
    Or at the very least in the History books
    Then they can read it from their destiny
    Of a final abode in HELL


  3. Even the “..salt water” headline deliberately misleads, there is a HUGE difference to saline in common medical use and sea water and well they know it.
    Yet once you dig beneath the headline “jabs of salt water” you discover there were neither jabs nor jags of saline but skin preparation prior to vaccination.
    Usually pure alcohol is deployed to sterilise, or as the Daily Snail might headline it for Scotland cheap foreign vodka (made in Bradford…)…

    Any port in a storm for the Sunday Mail, any port in a glass for Jackie Baillie…

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