Something fishy about this?


Immediately, I thought, surely ‘the SNP’ or Scottish Government has not had complete control over fisheries in our waters, in the sense that, they and Labour before them, would have had to allow access by trawlers because of the EU access rights and regulations, operating for decades now.

I did have a look at this:

Sea fisheries:

and found these statements:

Marine Scotland works with the UK Government to negotiate fishing opportunities through a suite of international negotiations.

The UK / EU Trade and Cooperation allows full reciprocal access to both Parties. This means that all EU-registered fishing vessels can access any part of UK waters, and vice versa with some limited exemptions, including within the 12 mile zone (with certain exceptions for historic fishing rights).

It looks pretty ambiguous and conditional, suggesting that blaming the SNP might be a bit simplistic. So, over to you readers. Perhaps one of you can enlighten the rest of us?

6 thoughts on “Something fishy about this?

  1. ”Fishermen savage the SNP !”
    Would this be the same fishermen who were shafted repeatedly by the Tory Brexit deal ?
    The fishermen who were lied to repeatedly by DRoss about compensation ?
    The fishermen whose leaders myopically STILL support a Tory Government which has undermined their very existence with their policies and shown complete contempt for their plight ?

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    1. Most likely it is the Protestant Boys of the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation, a small group of very wealthy fishermen who are deep sea trawlers. They were pro-Brexit. Other fishing groups in Scotland, who were rarely quoted by the media took widely differing stances on Brexit and other issues.

      As with many devolved matters, not enough has been devolved and this allows Westminster to intervene and override Holyrood.

      We see this in control of oil and gas exploration licenses with the SG getting flak about Cambo gas field.

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  2. An article detailing who the real owners will be interesting including whether they were Brexit Tory UKIP. Port by port would be enlightening.

    West coasters are more independent.

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  3. The fishermen threw back dead fish for years. Agreements with the EU to increase quotas by using bigger nets were being negotiated. Westminster mismanaged the fishing industry for years.

    Three millionaire fishing families own most of the quotas. Buchan, Craig, Wood. Tait and Marr. The rich list.

    The black fish scandal. £63million haul. The Green Peace fishing report.


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