Thanks to Labour, Johnson’s answer is not entirely astonishing

Sadly, Johnson is correct. Rewarding donors is pretty much a cross-party tradition which Johnson and his pals are taking to its logical conclusion:

Official portrait of Lord Morris of Handsworth crop 2, 2019.jpg

William Manuel Morris, Baron Morris of HandsworthOJDL (born 19 October 1938), generally known as Bill Morris, is a former British trade union leader. He was General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers’ Union from 1992 to 2003, and the first black leader of a major British trade union.

Morris sat in the House of Lords, under the Labour Party whip, from 2006 to 2020.,_Baron_Morris_of_Handsworth

In 2001, here are the top donors to the Labour Party:

Bill Morris’ TGWU was in 5th place, donating £200 000 in just one year. Most of the donations come from trade unions. There are 169 Labour Lords. I’d need a research assistant to find how many are former donors.

There are also 84 Lib Dems. Lord Sainsbury gave them £8 million in 2020 alone.

There are 26 Lords Spiritual, all C of E, I suspect who are no doubt donating their prayers to save most Tory MP’s from the fires of Hell.

Reform is unlikely and the only way out is out.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks to Labour, Johnson’s answer is not entirely astonishing

  1. This system of governance prevails because,by and large,England’s electorate support it.
    The British political parties know this which is why they will never,of their own accord,attempt any serious reforms.
    Only a seismic event which forces the English establishment to confront it’s feudal heritage will bring about any significant change.
    Now,I wonder what that might be?

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  2. Two word come to mind, ‘gravy’ and ‘train’ when applied to all Unionist parties. A disgrace.
    The Lords will not disappear until England has some sort of constitutional crisis, perhaps after we leave, and the people rebel against this non democratic nonsense from a bygone age.
    Gavin Esler wrote a good book on just that.

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  3. If I was a trade union leader, I’d be having a serious re-think about funding the Labour Party. To my mind, they are not, and have not for years, been getting value for money from their support.

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  4. I think that ‘not getting value for money for years ’ should have been years and years and years and years and years……….. Any value from Blair & Brown? thought not – probably back to Harold! Did B&B repeal any of Thatchers laws? There’s as bad as each for the status quo. Benn was the only one with real integrity.

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