Us? Us????


Kevin McKenna, along with Michael Fry, the National ticks the diversity box by allowing space to utterly unconvincing independence supporters.

Just over 10 years ago, this was McKenna, utterly and openly opposed to independence:

For a decade now he has postured as a Yes supporter after his sudden damascene moment. Meatloaf-like his song is ‘I would do anything for Indy but I won’t vote for that….SNP.’

Now, I know some Yes supporters claim to disapprove of the SNP’s ways, but you have to wonder just how many when you consider that the SNP tends to get a bigger share of the vote in elections than Yes does in opinion polls.

Here’s Kevin pushing for Indy while spending his waking hours thinking of ways to attack the only force that can achieve it:

More, much more at:

and before that, at:


5 thoughts on “Us? Us????

  1. In his article ten years ago he calls High schools in Scotland, ‘comprehensives’. Maybe he should have gone to High school.
    It’s one thing not to support the SNP or any particular political party, but to go out of his way to demonise and mislead people about the SNP, in his capacity as a supposed journalist, certainly makes it very difficult to believe that McKenna possesses a genuine ambition for Scottish independence.
    He’s not the only one, but he does have a platform to air his own personal bias, when not backed up by actual facts, it’s not very convincing, and is highly suspect.

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  2. Kevin McKenna believes in just two things – his own greatness and that he should be running Celtic. I would call him a bawbag, but, that would be unfair to bawbags.

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