Ratty gets a blow dry?

He was funny at times. He was sharp and imaginative at times but remarkably lazy, predictable and Tory-boyish on Nicola Sturgeon as he had been with his dated comments on Glasgow last week.

That headline of mine is funny isn’t it? He does look ratty toothed and furry-faced with a new big quiff.

Just joking eh?

This week, early on, he told us:

Nicola Sturgeon, the only person in the world who can squint with her whole face, who has the air of a step-mum who is happy for you to hear her fucking your dad but loses her mind if you don’t use a drinks coaster.

Where does this come from? She’s hugely popular across the population and at times relaxed and cheeky with pompous media alpha-males, in a way that suggest this borderline misogyny comes more from something deep within his own experience with women. Sadly, his English and Welsh guests laughed with him.

Does he mean this woman?

I’ve complained about her, on foreign policy, especially support for the US, but wouldn’t think to attack her personality or on appearance as FB has. I’m better than that.

Then we hear after a Glasgow comic expresses support for independence:

I do feel though that with the SNP they have this image, don’t they, of like the manage things really well, managerial competence and that’s not really that justified. There’s a lot of poverty in Scotland. There’s a lot of poverty in Scotland. Child poverty’s gone up since 2017 and it’s hard to joke about them.

Again lazy, ill-informed. Yes there is poverty in Scotland but there is significantly less of it than elsewhere in the UK, becasue of SNP actions and despite much of it due to Westminster’s control over benefits, taxation and borrowing to invest in job creation. Doesn’t he know about this? Is he watching GB News and reading the Telegraph?

Then, sad, superficial, tasteless, of course cruel, and lazy, he says:

OK, they’ve got Sturgeon, she looks like a thumb with a paper-cut.

What is he on about? Is that recycling a Mother Theresa joke?

The pro-Indy comic laughs at that too. Sigh.

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11 thoughts on “Ratty gets a blow dry?

  1. He is making a few bob for himself by his not funny stand up, dreadful. He’ll go far though, seems to have made a good comeback obviously by slagging off his own country. I reckon his non jokes are just a reflection of himself, but as I say, he’ll go far and make plenty dosh. Trash.

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  2. Slagged Biden(age),Kier Starmer, Nicola (by insulting only her appearance and the bizarre drinks coaster thing). Seemed strangely light on BJ. Or not so strangly this is BBC after all.

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  3. Maybe I’m being somewhat prudish, but I tried to watch his last gigs, but I’m afraid the crudity was too much for me. Switched off. My comic hero was the late, great, Hector Nicol. He at least left you to insert your own ending into his jokes.

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