An odd distraction?

You’ll remember the once great Wings over Scotland getting into a right tizz about the Gender Recognition Act and, on that basis, turning on the SNP and its leader with some pretty vitriolic attacks.

More recently, the also great Scot Goes Pop, itself often a target of Wings, has been getting into a state over the same thing.

They’re both way off beam on this. Former men who now self-identify as women (trans) are far far less of a threat to women than men who still identify as men (cis). These latter men in appalling numbers stalk, harass, rape and murder women daily. Comparative statistics are, of course, not produced, but the ratio of attacks on women by cis men compared to trans women, will be many thousands, perhaps even millions, to one.

They pose the same threat as those earlier victims of a moral panic – gays, feminists, hippies, socialists and anti-slavery activists.

Scot Goes Pop is having trouble funding a poll on the GRA but does not seem to get why. Only a few confused individuals and political opportunists think this is a big issue for the independence movement.

Most of us realise that the trans community is almost entirely the subject of discrimination and often physical abuse. Their own offences are statistically vanishing other than some admittedly unpleasant social media comments.

Support for the SNP and for the First Minister is strong and stable. It has been for years now regardless of ill-informed attempts to use the GRA to undermine them, from a bunch of old, white, podgy, insecure, guys in the MSM.

To quote an usual source for me: ‘Get a grip!’

Is this the one issue where Anas Sarwar has the sense to stay off a bandwagon?

Footnote: I’ve had my prostate very intimately examined, by hand, by men and women surgeons, by one from an ethnic minority. For all I know, one was a member of the Orange Lodge. These things were not on my mind at the point of exploration. And anyway don’t male surgeons commonly examine women?

23 thoughts on “An odd distraction?

  1. I’ve been interested to read comments and letters from trans people not in the least overwrought, or frantically condeming people who are curious about their alleged lack of rights. (I worked with a few in theatre and televison.) The most bellicose appear to have had the Scottish Government remove ‘mother’ from the dictionary … perhaps outrage at the excesses of the trans argument, and Stonewall now in financial clover from institutional fees, needs us to stand back and take a cold, hard look at the reality. In terms of world events, it is a minor infraction, but locally, a disaster for people’s happiness.

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    1. That is simply a LIE. There was never any suggestion for the ‘Scottish Government remove ‘mother’ from the dictionary’. Just a hint, those of us in the LGBTQ community are well aware that the Scottish government does not control the dictionary. There is concern that parents in nontraditional two-parent families, whether trans, lesbians, or gays, or trans can be omitted from support language because there is not always a ‘mother’ or may be TWO mothers. Language used in hospitals and social care needs to reflect this simple fact. But you don’t want us to have the care and respect that we deserve. A HARD LOOK AT REALITY is that Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals AND Trans exist whether you want us to or not.
      A Lesbian and Trans Ally


      1. Well, there you go.

        I post temperate obervations, even mentioning I’ve worked with trans people happily, and back comes egregious, unwarranted aggression designed to shut down honest discussion, signed by someone called No Person. I hope you find contentment one day.

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      2. Sorry, but I think that like John youosd the important point that another community exists. I take your point about language in hospital and social care, but can you understand that the birthing parent of our two children might still prefer to be referred to as “mother”? Or, John, that it’s not only about the rights of trans people but the views of biological women? You may be right about moral panic, but as a former American chief justice once said, “,my right to swing my fists ends at the point of your nose” and this is a point we ignore at our peril. This is a debate about rights, and for the avoidance of doubt, yes trans people must be protected by having rights, bit where there is overlap both communites’ rights need to be respected.


  2. Indeed. It’s rather sad that SGP has lost the plot.
    It used to be religion, then sport and religion, then men and women, then colour and race and ethnicity, poor vs poorer, workers vs people who can’t work, oh anything really to divide people. You just have to look at parts of Africa now, it’s total upheaval, a legacy of colonisation, people fighting each other, it’s horrendous, but easy done by the powerful.
    The powerful, the rich and extremely immorally rich control the narrative, and they decide who fights who, who hates who. Who is arming Ethiopia and other African nations right now?

    James of SGP has really lost his way, no idea what’s behind that. Yes there are problems with men and women and some abusing the lines being drawn(!) and women are at risk in so many settings, as are some vulnerable men actually. Where there is power, there is abuse and the capacity for dividing people, it is so easy if it wasn’t it would not be deployed as a way for the powerful to keep control. Who wins that is the crux of the matter. J Kelly of SGP is just one of the victims of the powers that be, in creating a sense of fear, division and victimisation.

    People working together to dispel misinformation and manipulation on so many levels, is what really matters and is crucial to ensuring that the powers that be do not succeed in dividing people by fabricating division where non should be.

    It’s the 21st century, people need to remind themselves of that, or be taken backwards which is never good, imo.

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    1. Who has lost the plot is those of you spewing hate to the LGBTQ community. We will not sit back and sit ANY of our rights ripped away for ANY part of our community.


  3. Thank you for this. As someone who has spent much of her life fighting for LGBTQ rights for myself and my brothers and sisters, seeing the spewing of hatred from people we thought were friends has been quite devastating.

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  4. Really?

    Blog wars?

    And who wins that war?

    Isn’t it just possible to write an article with your opinion without slagging off people who have different opinions?


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      1. Sure. Tackle transphobia, no problem. But why attack a fellow Indy blogger? I can tell you what will happen because I saw it with Wings. SGP will write an article about you, you’ll write another article about him, he’ll write … and so it goes ad infinitum.

        The only winner is flag trolls, people or bots intent on causing wars between SGP and WGD, and now – you. Read the last comment at 10.28pm just now on this thread:

        it ‘s wetting itself with excitement – more splits in the Indy ranks. It lives for that and has no interest at all in Indy.

        Unlike you. And SGP. And WGD.

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  5. For people who just don’t get it, by which I do not mean Prof Robertson, you might give this a read. I hope posting a link does not overstep, but his gone very, very far down a dangerous rabbit hole into a place none of us want to go. And I say Never Again.

    What Lily Cade’s Anti-Trans Screeds Reveal About TERF Logic At Large via @them

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  6. I spent a large part of my professional life working in Criminal Justice Social Work, involved in the management of sex offenders under the multi agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA). Stats from 2018 tell us that 0.1% of the general population were registered sex offenders (RSOs) subject to MAPPA management at that time.

    Of those RSOs only 0.1% were identified as Trans.

    The evidence does not suggest that individuals identifying as Trans are statistically predisposed to commiting sexual crimes. I’m not sure any side is questioning that, but it’s worth reinforcing the point anyway.

    Of course, the argument is that manipulative males will make use of self-ID as a mechanism to more easily access females. I cannot add comment to that other than to say that deviant individuals have, and will continue to, exploit people and systems to gain access to potential victims. It’s not an impossible scenario but I cannot comment on how likely such an event might be.

    My experience, unfortunately, is that the most manipulative perpetrators have another target group in mind, other than adult females.

    Statistics only provide context, they are of no comfort to actual victims of crime. I share them only to inform discussion.


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