‘A one-sided persuasion effect’ is ours to grab


Things look a bit worrying if the polls are correct:

File:Wiki Scots Indep V6 new format.pdf

Five polls in a row with a No lead but, two years before the 1st Referendum, support was only around 30% and then surged to 45% by the day.

Why did that happen?

Researchers at LSE, reported this in 2016:

I explored this question in the context of the referendum for the independence of Scotland. Results based on experimental and survey data show that pro and anti-independence arguments did influence voting decisions in the campaign for the Scottish referendum, but this effect crucially depended on two elements: the share of undecided voters, and the imbalance between a riskier “yes” for independence and a safer “no” for remaining in the UK. The combination of these factors led to a one-sided persuasion effect of information, meaning that only support for independence significantly increased after exposure to a mixed set of arguments.



8 thoughts on “‘A one-sided persuasion effect’ is ours to grab



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  2. BBC Hootsmon only managed to reference “Boris” on three different stories on their 5 minute news slot, after he was also Bigged Up on the *English news* part.
    Surely, to be fair, they should also have mentioned him in the weather bit.
    “King Boris bring sunshine to all our lives”–you know something neutral like that!

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  3. They have also managed to censure Brian Cox’s comments why he supports independence.
    Disgraceful British nationalist news management by a disgraceful broadcaster.

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    1. It will be interesting after COP26 to see how many more friends Scotland has around the globe because I am sure many delegates now have the measure of things re the UK and the Trumpian cabal at the helm in London, and Scotland’s place in it which is in a sort of prison, a colony where the colonists (is that the right word?) call the shots end of the day. Those who have visited Scotland recently, are not blind to the underhanded tactics of the British state, and to have had to meet with the FM of Scotland in an unofficial setting at the event, speaks volumes about how the English government treats Scotland, ie, with contempt while thieving Scotland’s vast resources. I hope that COP26 is after all, ( and I was fearful and sceptical) a good thing for Scotland, that would be sweet sweet justice, given the Eng/Tory/Labour/gov tried to block Scotland from having a voice at all, at a world event, in their own country.

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  4. The Sir Keir Starmer RENEGED on his commitment to abolish the House of Lords.

    No real surprise. There are nothing but hucksters and frauds in Labour these days.

    The REAL Keir Hardie must be burling in his grave at these Red Tory clowns.

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  5. The British state are experts at propaganda, they’ve been doing it long enough.
    Scotland is up against it, while broadcasting powers are reserved to the English government in London. It’s a miracle that the SNP are so favoured as the party of choice, the party representing democracy in Scotland. There is going to be a new Scottish news channel, that Indy car G. Ross has been talking about, and not just via Youtube, it will be pro independence and independent. I don’t know the details but it sounds like it could be happening very soon…check his Youtube posts/vids for more info.

    It’s the usual case perhaps of better the devil you know, but the devil is in the detail and the ScotGov/SNP need to keep people aware of the details of Brexit as much as possible, because all of the things they are doing for Scotland now, and have done, could well be reversed and the Scottish economy wrecked by the English government even more than they are doing just now.

    I guess reserved and reversed are similar, so a double whammy if Scotland does not escape the cesspit that the UK has become, a dreadful, backward so called union, Trump like, very chilling to the bone to contemplate a future in that sort of political and societal arena, brrrr it’s co-co-coldddd…

    I’d say keep sharing pro independence YouTube channels, Indy blogs, and donating a few £’s where possible.

    Btw way there is a land reform consultation out at the moment, we should all look at that and contribute…here is the link. An important one for Scotland.


    Looking at ScotGov website there are loads of interesting consultations…too many to view and comment or contribute to probably, but worth a look.


  6. “riskier” yes, “safer” no? Eh? Dont the researchers need to “check their bias’? And when will indyistas stop rising to unionist propaganda and call oor ain tune?


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