GMB disappointed in lack of littering by climate change protestors

After a week of no collections of refuse, in the midst of a huge conference, this is the best that BBC Scotland could find.

Once more they foreground the GMB, a very modest march by their members and an even more modest display of ‘rubbish piled up on Glasgow streets.’

The ‘mass’ protest looks a bit less than the 1 500 employed in refuse and cleaning. That guy at the front is thinking about some of those no-showers.

Wow! One in four bin lids can’t be closed after a week of no collections.

Look at that street! I can’t see one item of rubbish not in that bin.

Ah ha! Two bits of paper on the street! I blame the SNP.

I this is the best the unholy trio of BBC/GMB/Labour could find on the streets of Glasgow after a week of no refuse collections.

Cop26: More than 50,000 march in Glasgow on worldwide day of climate  protests | Metro News

There were 30 000 bairns on the streets one day and 100 000 the next and no heaps of litter. They took it home and recycled it. Did the GMB’s research intelligence section not realise what kind of protestors these are?

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12 thoughts on “GMB disappointed in lack of littering by climate change protestors

  1. Spotted a post somewhere recently featuring a photo of a packed street litter bin (nothing on the street or around the bin), in which the poster was moaning why the climate protestors on their march didn’t take their rubbish home for recycling 🙄, pretty desperate stuff from the propagandists.

    This confected stooshie has only made Scotland’s media, the GMB and the political forces behind them look extremely foolish.

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    1. The biased contribution of Channel 4 News should not go unremarked, when reporter, Fatima Manji ‘interviewed’ Anas Sarwar and a GMB rep during the mainly children protest March last Friday. She asked no challenging questions of either.

      Ms Manji has ‘previous’ in this regard. On a visit to Motherwell some years back, she ‘interviewed’ three people – two who were actually members of the local Conservative Party (and were identified as such) – and a woman who was opposed to independence. The purpose of the ‘interview’ was to look at the state of the opposition in Scotland.

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    1. A Damp Squib
      A storm in a Doll,s house tea cup
      A wolf in sheep’s clothing
      Glorious defeat and failure
      Much ado about nothing
      Paradise for fools
      For those who are hard of a serious thought
      Akin to the futile charge of The Light Brigade
      Never have so few
      Been hoodwinked by even fewer
      And achieved so little
      Other that their demise
      Ah but desperation always ends up being
      Caught out for what nefarious purpose it
      Was enacted
      Those who masterminded this striking piece of utter nonsense
      Score Nill points in the Wisdom Dept.
      Makes our job of being rid of them
      Easier and easier
      Throw this pack of mad dogs as many false bones as we can
      Sit back and enjoy the Lunatics ball.


  2. The Unions have FORCED their members to forego a weeks wages just before Christmas. For no good reason.

    Did the Union officials lose a weeks pay?

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      1. Agreed, but there are ways of “paying” some members, but not others. Picketing duty for example will be reserved for Union officials in the main, I would bet.

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    1. The Unions were paying these strikers so they didn’t lose out due to the industrial action being “selective”, had it been an all out strike they would have lost out but in this instance they wouldn’t..

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