How do we know a case surge is ‘looming?’

A week or so after World Health Organisation special envoy, David Nabarro, refused to play ball for Good Morning Scotland and criticise Glasgow’s readiness to host COP26, our MSM have managed to scrape something up with this:

Seeing huge queues of people waiting to get into COP26 is “really concerning” amid the pandemic, a public health expert has said.

The UN climate change conference at the SEC in Glasgow was hit by a second day of queuing on Tuesday, with crowds waiting for more than an hour to get inside.

Sridhar does, of course, go on to be quite empathetic with the organisers of COP26 but, hey, that’s no way to write clickbait.

Sridhar, also, makes no prediction of a looming surge.

Where dos the Herald sense the looming?

In Scotland’s currently falling case numbers?
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9 thoughts on “How do we know a case surge is ‘looming?’

  1. I listened to the GMS interview with Dr Nabarro and noticed that he did something really quite clever that really took the wind out of the interviewers sails. You could almost hear him reconfigure his questions when he broached the subject of case numbers.

    What was it that Dr Nabarro did? Simple. When the interviewer introduced the subject of case numbers in Scotland Dr Nabarro said ‘Yes, I have them in front of me.’ Cue interviewer having a meltdown because he knew he could not put them forward as being high/higher/highest in the known world.

    Prof Sridhar was interviewed on GMS this morning. Have not really listened to it yet but it comes near the end of the programme.

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    1. Here is a link to Prof Sridhar’s interview on GMS this morning. The interview starts with the issue of vaccination of younger children. This has just been given the go-ahead in the US. Then moves on to COP26 and those queues – interference on the line at one point – surprise, surprise.

      From 1hour 16min 20sec

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  2. If there is a surge, queues at the SEC will be the least of it.

    The very fact that there’s a fortnight long global conference, that generated the queues, will be the cause. Factor in the time of year, traditionally when respiratory ailments spread, I’d say a surge is almost guaranteed.

    Scotgov, will of course, carry the can.

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    1. The sheer number of personnel (Police, Special Branch, etc., etc..) drafted in from England far exceeds the number in any queue to SEC, now consider the Covid prevalence in England.
      Ditto the army of minders for attendees from all corners of the globe, Sridhar herself voiced grave concerns over this event, if there wasn’t a spike from this massive influx nobody would be in the slightest surprised.
      The purpose of the Herald headline and choice of source is to nudge cause of what is to come, to “queues” rather than coughing Constable Detritus of the Met.

      OT, I noted to considerable amusement the “Humza Yousaf discrimination complaint against Dundee nursery upheld” reported on the BBC’s Scotland webpage, and ONLY the Scotland web-page – This despite the original complaint having occupied both it and the Politics webpages for days preiously – Yet true to form they “felt obliged” in short order to shunt it into second place by promoting a “Private firms could be brought in to clear Glasgow’s overflowing bins” piece.
      Jeez, less than three days since Chris Mitchell’s “coo de whit?” and the bins are overflowing…
      I’ll leave those in Glasgow to observe on the “coo de whit?” article, my contrived bullshit nerve was twitching, so best I don’t comment.

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  3. I’d be more worried for the older delegates at COP26 who had to sit right next to Johnson, the Eng/UK’s extremely embarassing PM, (cringe) who was slouched on a chair wearing no mask, imagine if he opened his gob it would be a horrific slavering mess everywhere. I did spot the bit where Dr Nabarro said ‘I have them in front of me’ and I thought how brilliant!
    Now, SNP whenever you are interviewed on radio (rare I know) take that line and use it! Even if you don’t have the stats right in front of you, it’ll shake the very fabric of the BBC who don’t do facts or real stats.

    It will be a surprise if the central belt of Scotland does not see Covid numbers rising after COP26, it just depends by how much, and what is too much.

    Either way the ‘media’ must be chomping at the bit in anticipation, rubbing their dirty lying hands together, licking their pencils, they will have the headlines at the ready, little horns must be appearing from their tiny heids, wha ha ha ha!!!

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  4. For some of our wonderful media it seems the survival of the human race is not from Climate change but more imminently from the bags of rubbish building up on Glasgow’s streets.

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    1. I think you meant to type, ‘the survival of the Tories, Labour UK and their compliant pals in the media as well as their very dodgy pals in dodgy regimes around the globe!
      See yerterdays articles re the ‘bags of rubbish on Glasgow’s streets’. The people of Glasgow and Scotland are not daft, they see Labour UK for what they are now, true blue Tories.

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  5. There was a trainload of BBC Luvvies up from London.
    There was a trainload of political Luvvies up from London.
    They only talked to each other–Scots were NOT invited.
    And….they were all in queues, and will take whatever they caught back south. As will the thousands of delegates.
    If England has a surge it will be blamed on a New Variant.
    If Scotland has a surge, Sturgeon will get pelters.
    Well……..Sturgeon gets pelters no matter what.

    England deputy medico, Dr Van-Tam has stated that he is worried by the high covid rates.
    Not “England” but “UK covid rates”.
    As usual, “England” will be above the fighting and blame game from the BEEB.

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