Scottish consumers to contribute to new UK nuclear power station projects


From the Stop Sizewell C group based on a report in Nuclear Intelligence Weekly on 29 October 2021 regarding the Nuclear Finance Bill currently going through the House of Commons:

Scottish consumers are included among those billpayers who would have to contribute towards the construction of a new nuclear project such as Sizewell C; this despite the decision of the devolved parliament not to have any more nuclear power stations built in Scotland.

The key paragraph on P5:

The Bill in full at:

How might the Scottish Conservatives MPs vote? Ian Murray?

8 thoughts on “Scottish consumers to contribute to new UK nuclear power station projects

  1. “How might the Scottish Conservatives MPs vote? Ian Murray?

    They will slither in, as always, and vote as they are told.

    Cut benefits? Tick.
    Sewage in the rivers? Tick.
    Nuclear power in England, funded by Scots? Tick.
    Veto on Carbon capture in Scotland? Tick.
    Brexit? Tick.
    Veto on Scottish democracy? Tick.
    Veto on Scottish democratic control of broadcasting? Tick.

    And so on.
    There is literally nothing these clowns wouldn’t vote for, if told to.

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    1. The one and ONLY reason these reactors are to have hideously expensive sacks full of Scottish monies thrown down a black hole (just wait on the decommissioning bill )
      Is to produce nuclear warhead grade material
      Read the Trident lease (yes Lease ) UK has with the USA
      It clearly states that UK must supply and make its own warheads for the missiles we merely rent from America
      At that point the case now rests

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  2. Despite being a net exporter of power we are forced , by a Government we didn’t elect , to pay for power we don’t need , from a source we rejected , while lining the pockets of people , who do not contribute one penny in tax and have no interest in our country or its people .
    That’s the Tory way !

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  3. One of the main reasons that Westminster has kept control of energy policies.
    Their political representatives here in Scotland are pushing for us to take mini nuclear reactors so that they can claim we are one nation and benefit from London control of everything.

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  4. “How might the Scottish Conservatives MPs vote? Ian Murray?” gets complicated.

    There’s so much more to this than nuclear weaponry, which I don’t for a minute dismiss, but England is not only desperately short of power but water.
    England’s only source is brackish waters or the sea, both of which require ROs consuming massive energy in which supply they are already deficient.
    Catch 22.
    With Scotland on the cusp of abandoning their “Union” leaves them with short term solution off massive subsea cables north to south and bluffing over Indyref2.
    Their only long term solution is massive power generation increases and ROs.

    London’s illusions of self-sufficiency are in danger of being exposed, so there will be plenty of Never-hurry-a-Murray types to take advantage with an outstretched palm.
    England has been in deep doo-doo for a very long time, and the piper may very well call the tune in this case, sooner rather than later.

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    1. Bob
      Their is one area of power England is most certainly NOT short off
      And that power switch must have the off button permanently turned off
      What is that Power
      Tis the one Westminster who stupidly believe they are Sovereign and exercise that they have over Scotland

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  5. There are other areas within the national grid where Scots are disadvantaged. The current situation where electricity prices are escalating because of gas generation. Gas generation is pacific to England with some days being over 50% reliance on gas for electricity. Scotland uses a very small amount of gas to generate electricity, it could be argued that our gas generation is needed to supply electricity to England via the national grid. It is this large use of gas in England that is affecting electricity prices in Scotland.

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