‘Scotland doesn’t pay for prescriptions at all. The fact that they don’t pay because we subsidise it and we have to pay is a bugbear of mine.’

OUTRAGE has arisen means one reader told them.

That’s from an apparently ‘financially secure’ but bitter and economically illiterate contact of the Express. The subsidy myth is alive and well. We need to keep it fed until Middle England’s rage is so strong they can force the Tories into adopting a policy of expelling us from the Union.

The Tories’ full adoption of an anti-immigrant and anti-EU position, under pressure from the UKIP/Brexit parties, shows it can be done.

Given the stubborn reluctance of 50% of Scots to jump, maybe that’s a better bet?

9 thoughts on “‘Scotland doesn’t pay for prescriptions at all. The fact that they don’t pay because we subsidise it and we have to pay is a bugbear of mine.’

  1. The Anglo Brit Nats don’t just hate the French and Germans as a matter of course. Though now they “hate” China, they will rely on France to build their new nuclear power stations.
    They also detest Scots and are starting to dislike the Welsh.

    Ironically, they now “like” the Irish, some of whom have conducted a shooting and bombing campaign against them for a century or more.

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  2. Scotland pays fir prescriptions from monies raised in Scotland. Scotland raised £66Billion. The monies for prescriptions comes from Scottish revenues and resources. Keeping people well saves monies.

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    1. ‘Completely unprepared’ do you have inside knowledge? Do tell.

      Hmm, on my cynical box, I’d say it’s more a ploy to demonise the SNP even more so that more powers can be removed from Scotland and the English folk can bask in the knowledge that their taxes no longer pay for the millions of Scottish subsidy junkies! The BritNat EngGov are keen to create some more contempt aimed at Scotland, it’s part of their divide and rule, by which means you can cajole people to do anything.

      On a less cynical day, yes, why on Earth do the English not demand that Scotland is set adrift, so that they no longer have to keep sending the hundreds of billions of ready cash to keep the Scots in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. It’s hard to fathom that one.
      Butler, where’s my lunch and get the private jet ready to fly, I want to see what the lazy plebs are up to in Newcarstle today! Wot!

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      1. IMHO bojo won”t do anything while Liz remains on the throne – too unpopular in engerland if she is upset.
        But once Charlie takes over I think he will lay a bill before wasteminster to disolve the union if Sottish and Welsh parliaments not abandoned by their respective populations.
        Terms of separation will greatly favour engerland to skew votes in favour of removing devolution. Win win from bojo’s p.o.v.


  3. Every time a Unionist rabbits onto me about our massive over the top mega subsidy from the nice people at the Treasury I ask them with a smile 😊 if they know what cash in and cash out means. For a good few I get a blank stare, god knows what their house finances must be like. I then explain that yes, Scotland does get money from the UK just like parts of England does. The difference is unlike most parts of England we give back in taxes more than we get in the block grant and that for every £1 we get we give between £1.48 and £1.54 back. So the UK makes a net profit of about 50% from Scotland. There are two sides to a balance sheet which Unionist politicians and media forget to mention. That shuts them up.
    Even after this a few dimwits just do not get it at all.

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