Chaos as staff are handed leaflets as they arrive for work?

Might that include the word ‘peaceful’ to reassure readers that the Herald on the 31st was wrong?

Here’s all they have to justify the 10 000 riot police sent North by Boris:

More protests across Scotland’s two biggest cities have marked the second full day of the COP26 climate summit.

One group of activists called on world leaders gathered in Glasgow to make strong commitments that fulfil pledges laid out in the Paris Climate Accord.

A protest themed on the Netflix show “Squid Game” took place at the Clyde Arc, near the conference venue.

Another demonstration took place in Edinburgh outside the offices of financial services giant JP Morgan.

Members of Extinction Rebellion unfurled banners protesting against the company’s policy on fossil fuels.

Staff were also handed leaflets as they arrived for work, as protesters were met by a large police presence with officers surrounding the building.

Just for fun, try searching MSM reports for these words now:

violence/violent arrests chaos/chaotic

Good luck.

Members of Extinction Rebellion unfurled banners?

Oooh! That’s annoying! That ambulance driver might become distracted and crash!

4 thoughts on “Chaos as staff are handed leaflets as they arrive for work?

  1. The ‘Squid game’ is disgusting. Have watched a couple of reviews, it’s sick. Why do so many people watch it?
    Here though is a great take on it!
    The BritNat media must be very bored that there are no violent protests in Scotland right now, it’s what they want to be able to put on their front pages. Aww.

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  2. Never heard of a Squid game, but I’ve a long history of ignoring manufactured entertainment other than the humorous strand, and even there I struggled with some.
    The demise of Michael Gove’s early attempts at satire were no loss to Scotland, his melding it later with politics was almost a natural progression, still not funny , better paid, but thankfully very…. very….faaaar….away….

    Scottish media’s need to saturate negativity fell foul of the dreaded peaceful demonstrations contrary to their predictions of chaos, hence a leaflet has to become lethal weapon in the wrong hands, there simply aren’t enough “wrong hands” in Scotland, all the right ones are preoccupied with raising a central digit in the direction of the GMB, Labour and the Media.

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  3. Peaceful rather than violent protesters don’t allow the media to give vent to their articulate and well-researched views on environmental protesters . Pity !

    The public needs to be aware that these ”extremist ” Johnnies are only pretending to be peaceful – just watch their violent responses when the visiting Met officers draw batons and fire their tear gas into these ”peaceful” protesters after one of their number deliberately frowns at our plucky Boys in Blue .

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