Labour Wales First Minister and Labour ‘Scotland’ Rubbish Minister?

We’ve already seen Mark Drakeford standing up for Wales against the UK Government. He’s the most popular party leader in Wales. Here he is having an adult conversation with three other adults.

But, Anas Sarwar?

Glasgow bin strike anger should be aimed at 'out of touch' Scottish  Government, claims Anas Sarwar - Daily Record

The millionaire, second least popular party leader in Scotland, just ahead of Douglas Ross, is here busy trying to get refuse workers to refuse the best pay offer in the UK and trash their own city just to get at ‘Nicola.’ Surely one of the refuse workers has a brother working for Sarwar’s mum, on minimum pay?

4 thoughts on “Labour Wales First Minister and Labour ‘Scotland’ Rubbish Minister?

  1. I suppose he has to do something to feel that he is in politics for a reason because his chances of ever getting near the levers of power in Scotland are less than zero.
    Perhaps the British state will reward him for services rendered but that is about all any of the unionist politicians in Scotland these days can expect.

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  2. What does BBC Reporting Scotland have against Glasgow?

    We’ve previously seen RS’s negative framing around Glasgow and COP – traffic disruption scares; profiling business managers with negative views; rubbish, rats and all that.

    Tonight’s RS programme had a lengthy vox pops piece, interviewing folk from across Scotland on their views of COP. Around four interviews were conducted in Glasgow – all very negative, albeit in one case hardly aware of anything happening in the city.

    The contrast that RS offered in its selection of Glasgow residents relative to the others interviewed across Scotland could hardly have been more stark!

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