Greed and capitalism no longer working as England’s vaccine rollout falls behind

The ‘Oxford’ Astra Zeneca vaccine had little to do with capitalism or greed for that matter. See:

At least 97% of the funding for the development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has been identified as coming from taxpayers or charitable trusts, according to the first attempt to reconstruct who paid for the decades of research that led to the lifesaving formulation.

Using two different methods of inquiry, researchers were able to identify the source of hundreds of millions of pounds of research grants from the year 2000 onwards for published work on what would eventually become the novel technology that underpins the jab, as well as funding for the final product.

The overwhelming majority of the money, especially in the early stages of the research, came from UK government departments, British and American scientific institutes, the European commission and charities including the Wellcome Trust.

Worse, for Johnson, it’s not such a success either, these days.

Scotland well ahead of UK/England on all three jags and only N Ireland keeping them off the bottom.

Scotland ahead of UK/England on almost all age groups, well-ahead on the teens and 100% coverage of the over 60s.

Only Scotland makes the top twenty for vaccination.

I don’t suppose the Scottish Government will get any credit in the MSM or that the UK Government will be accused of anything.

All graphs:

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2 thoughts on “Greed and capitalism no longer working as England’s vaccine rollout falls behind

  1. “Obviously Scotland required thousands of troops to………?
    Start again.
    “Obviously BBC Scotland required thousands of dupes…….

    Now we are getting there.

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