15 Army nurses to boost current NHS Scotland staffing of 58 000 by 0.025%

In another of the reports on the big push to save NHS Scotland, BBC Scotland tell us:

The number of vaccinators and nurses for the health boards is:

  • Ayrshire and Arran: 5 and 1
  • Borders: 5 and 1
  • Dumfries and Galloway: 5 and 1
  • Fife: 10 and 2
  • Forth Valley: 10 and 1
  • Grampian: 15 and 2
  • Greater Glasgow and Clyde: 10 and 1
  • Highland: 10 and 2
  • Lanarkshire: 15 and 2
  • Lothian: 5 and 1
  • Tayside: 10 and 1

So, 15 qualified nurses to boost our existing 58 000 nurses, by 0.025%.

I can’t find out how many vaccinators we have.

5 thoughts on “15 Army nurses to boost current NHS Scotland staffing of 58 000 by 0.025%

  1. From “Scotland’s Autumn and Winter Vaccination Strategy September 2021” –

    “As at 28 September 2021, there were over 14,800 vaccinators recorded as using the national Vaccination Management Tool. However, we know that does not include everyone as there are some vaccinations taking place outwith this tool. We have established a National Volunteer Coordination Hub, which is being overseen by the British Red Cross. The Hub has been operating since 1 February 2021 and to date has involved in excess of 4,800 volunteers providing more than 38,000 hours of volunteering activity to the vaccination programme. The Hub will continue to provide this volunteer support to the vaccination plans for autumn and winter.”

    So maybe 100 military out of a total of 15,000, i.e. 0.7%.

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  2. His esteemed Excellency, the Brigadier, Governor General Hi Jack has graciously allowed some of his valets, kitchen staff and boot lickers to attend, and observe, at certain A&E departments.

    To request some of these flunkies, you must provide proof of loyalty to his Excellency, the secret handshake and a brown envelope sufficient to cover “expenses”.

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  3. Haven’t read it, don’t need to, there is a big red flag there under the headline, “Comments”.
    HMS Sarah Smith only open Comments when the rent-a-gob crew are available for Sturgeon ate my hamster sessions from concerned “Scotch” in Luton and Milton Keynes…
    Yet let’s not allow ourselves to be fooled by this BBC game of using the Army personnel as a political football, and instead be grateful.
    Their numbers may be small, but they allow more NHS staff to take well earned breaks before winter arrives, every little helps.

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