Labour civil war on vaccine passports

Sir Keir Starmer, left, with Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader, who claims that certification may increase or entrench vaccine hesitancy

This morning on the Marr Show, the Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, confirmed that Labour supported all three aspects of the UK government’s plan B Covid rules, including vaccine passports for some venues as happens in Scotland.

As far as we know Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour branch manager has not yet changed his opposition:

Scottish Labour is refusing to support the Scottish government’s plans to introduce vaccine passports.

A debate on the proposals is due to take place at Holyrood on Thursday, but opposition is building to the controversial scheme.

Speaking on BBC Scotland’s The Sunday Show, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said the use of vaccine passports “might actually entrench vaccine hesitancy rather than encourage uptake”.

On the 9th September, the First Minister ridiculed Sarwar for ‘opposition for opposition’s sake.’ It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last.

Actually ‘civil war’ is too strong. They’re just a branch office. They’ll do what they’re told when Labour HQ remembers the Scottish branch exists.

They’ll remember when they’re sending the monthly allowance.

6 thoughts on “Labour civil war on vaccine passports

  1. This is a ”controversial scheme ” only in the eyes of those who oppose the SNP Government . Labour in Wales are offering the same measure but Sarwar appears to be in the dark over this .
    Health experts ( not Lisa Summers of the BBC ) are declaring this a measure that should be used NOW to offset greater problems this Winter .
    Sarwar is on a loser ( again ! ) with his knee-jerk opposition to what HE sees as an SNP policy .
    Grow up , man !

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    1. It’s a controversial scheme in the eyes of everybody who values freedom, Human Rights and the rule of law in a democracy.
      I had Covid, I’m immune. You were vaccinated, your vaccine ran out in 4 months.
      Why should I be turned into an untermensch by the state when I am healthier than you?


    2. Don’t forget however, Sarwar was convinced with assistance from the BBC’s propaganda machine and business input casting doubts, public resistance to the initiative could be generated.

      The gambit failed spectacularly, public support has been across the board, be that for football, nightclubs or whatever, all that’s left are a few agitators and Sarwar trying to save face, hence his rhetoric changing to “controversial”.

      It appears none of those involved learned anything from their QEUH campaign, their public credibility is shot, and it matters not whether Sarwar spouts “Millie Main” or “Vaccine Passports”, he only looks a petulant fool in doing so.


  2. Mr Sarwar’s position on the passports is an example of the knee-jerk oppositionism which has characterised Scottish Labour, since they were turfed out of office in 2007. Too many on the Labour benches in Scotland have been in these seats for so long that they have become habituated to being opposed. I have never heard Jackie Baillie making a constructive statement.

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