Jackie Baillie wheeled on to lie about boosters

Jackie Baillie, Labour Shadowy Health Spokesperson, tells us on Reporting Scotland Inaccurately that those waiting more than six months have their protection waning and that they’re ‘more likely to get Covid than not.’

That last bit is of course stupid at a level beyond even the usual Scottish Labour stupid. In this month around 70 000 people will catch Covid and 5 330 000 won’t. Most of those who do will be young folk and not the ones waiting for the boosters. The vast majority of the population including those waiting for a booster are far less likely to get Covid than to get it, duh!

As for the Scottish Government being slow to respond to the JCVI guidance and waning immunity, see this in the Times on the 24 August, only 2 months ago:

Booster jabs for the most vulnerable could start within two weeks but healthy over-70s may have to wait until more evidence amasses.

The NHS aims to begin the booster campaign on September 6 and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is under pressure to issue firm advice so that planning can be finalised. However, the group wants to see more evidence from trials looking at the effectiveness of booster programmes after scientists were pleasantly surprised by how slowly immunity seems to be waning.


The JCVI advice on the 14th September 2021 did not say that the booster had to be within no more than 6 months but rather ‘no earlier than six months’ and ‘as soon as operationally possible.’


And what’s the source of the claim than ‘some’ are waiting longer than 6 months? Anas Sarwar’s in-laws again? I’m getting my booster almost exactly 6 months after my second jag.

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11 thoughts on “Jackie Baillie wheeled on to lie about boosters

  1. “JB, Jackie, what? that Jackie”
    “Aye, the no mark that has Conservatives voting for her, that Jackie, the edjit with no credible news, not honest news anyhow”.

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  2. How does that woman sleep at night I will never know! Really trying to scare people by lying for political gain, is just stooping as low as you can get. Shame on Baillie for saying people are ‘more likely to get Covid than not’ when they are waiting for their booster vaccine, taking from the public purse to lie, sickening.

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  3. With Full Prejudice
    J.Baillie and I.Murray
    Are traitors and dble agents
    1.Appearing to represent the London branch of their Labour party
    But having their position as
    2.Working for the Tories by disseminating vile lies
    Both have been promised that at any constituency election that they will receive the Tactical votes from the Tories
    To refuse to call their tune would without any doubt be career and political suicide
    Know thy Foes and how they operate
    Both Baillie and Murray of recent spinning more and more yarns
    All we need to know is that the fate of double agents rarely ends well for them
    Once the game is up
    Notice is served

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  4. I think you’ll find that it is only people known to Jackie B. and Anas S. that will not be getting their booster jags .
    There is this strange phenomenon in Scotland under the SNP that people known to opposition parties appear to be targeted for ”missing ” jags .
    Luckily they are always able to get their plight publicised immediately by BBCShortbread , STV or The Herald .

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    1. Or maybe they contrive to make their claims before the appointment patters are issued, in the full knowledge of when that is going to happen?


  5. And did the Mis-Reporting Scotland journalist challenge Jackass’s assertions as you have laid out ? I suspect the answer is No.

    When the BBC do not intervene to correct or challenge a lie or distortion, they are complicit in that lie or distortion, and no longer performing a public service.

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