Like never before? Reporting Scotland Wrongly?

Tonight, Reporting Scotland Badly tell us that parts of NHS Scotland are facing challenges ‘like never before.’

How can that be?

New cases stable at less than half of the early September peak and below the July peak and, unlike before, many of the infected are young and not being admitted to hospital.

Hospital admissions falling from a September peak only half of that in February 2021 and lower than that in April 2020.

Like never before?

ICU cases up slightly in the last few days but far below the September and February 2021 peaks and a quarter of the April 2020 peak.

Like never before?

Staff absences?

Falling for six weeks in a row, half the January 2021 level and a quarter of the April 2020 level.

Like never before?

I know they’re still busy and stressed out in hospitals but BBC Scotland should be informing us on the facts and not scaring folk with unrepresentative extremes.

Telling us the truth of NHS Scotland’s greater resilience and the success of our greater compliance with clearer, more consistent political messaging is, of course, not good for the Union.

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5 thoughts on “Like never before? Reporting Scotland Wrongly?

  1. Thanks John. I’m hoping someone does some cards to put through doors with info about where people can find alternative information relating to Scotland especially for Covid and Brexit and relevant news, most people have the internet, so it’s just a matter of weaning them off the propaganda BritNats at the BBC etc.
    Maybe we will be able to tweet some COP26 delegates/leaders with some factual news when they are in situ as well! 🙂

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  2. Utter desperation from BBC Scotland now!

    All that planning and advice (with wee incentives no doubt), from the Scottish Office on how to damage the SNP and yet people are still voting for them in in high numbers!

    Time for more Union Flags and they could be given away free in the Herald and Scotsman – that’s a winner and the Queen would love that as well..

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