How Scotland’s quicker vaccination of teens will save the older folk

As Scotland’s MSM and opposition parties try to blame the SNP Government for a ‘sluggish’ booster rollout and consequent risk to the older folk, the FT reveals that England’s sluggish teen vaccination rollout has caused a dangerous surge in infection amongst the older groups

Scotland has quickly vaccinated 57% of 12-17 year-olds while England has only managed 33%.

The consequences are clear:


Hospital admission rates are falling in Scotland but climbing in England.

The R Number in Scotland is in the range 0.8 to 1.0, under control, but 1.0 to 1.2 in England, dangerous.

2 thoughts on “How Scotland’s quicker vaccination of teens will save the older folk

  1. I greatly suspect what is behind this propaganda is to obscure precisely what you have highlighted, England is in trouble over Covid and it has every prospect of getting worse as winter approaches.
    Tory dogma as ever, myopic and downright dangerous.

    Oddly, with this particular BBC article now demoted it only leaves Jackie Baillie cameos to keep these various “crisis” myths rolling, cannot help but wonder what “tsunami” will exit her void next.

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  2. During the entire period of the recent increase and gradual reduction in numbers of infections in Scotland, the graphs for the different age groups in 50+ have been noticeably stable, with occasional wobbles of fluctuation. Because of issues relating to age, however, it is in these older age groups that almost all of the recent deaths have occurred. However, we need to look at this in context, the rates of deaths is considerably less than those in the various ‘waves’ since March, 2020. Probably, this is due to a couple of factors – the vaccinations, while not preventing infection, ameliorating the severity, and more effective treatments in hospital. Almost all the deaths occur in hospital.

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