‘UK’ bed shortages identified as problem this winter by BBC


Telling us about the dual risk of flu and Covid this winter Ros Atkins of the BBC points to the above chart.

Once more, real differences within the UK are obscured and viewers misled:

UK people per hospital bed

The presentation is different in the above graph but the point is clear. Scotland has around 80% more beds per head of population than England and so, in the BBC bar chart, would lie midway between Italy and France.


4 thoughts on “‘UK’ bed shortages identified as problem this winter by BBC

  1. Oh no!! the BBC report distorting data AGAIN. Country comparisons per 100,000 of the population but totals only for the countries of the UK. Sneaky. England must never ever look bad, not ever, never. So there, that’s you telt.

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  2. A sure fire signal that this Government deep deep down in their self preservation area of what actual little brain they possess
    That matters are actually getting out of hand and in reality the credibility with
    Voters will be lost,along with much else
    Basically we humans are birds of a feather and merely nothing more than a Lump of DNA preprogrammed to react to
    Environmental. Stimuli in a given manner
    And as this bunch of current Tories and all the associates are basically Nazi
    So if one care to go and study propaganda in Germany from 1943 to 45
    Then a distinct pattern between UK and Nazi Germany becomes more obvious
    Currently i would say in relation to Germany UK propaganda and actions match the period when Hitler lost the
    Battle for Stalingrad, beliving in the Spring he could mount a counter offensive
    Like Tony Blair The Nazi regime thought
    ” Things can only get Better ”
    Whilst the reality was
    ” Things can only get Worse ”
    History my dear fellow
    Never repeats
    It Merely Rhymes and Echoes
    And we all know how this one is going to End
    Time for Scotland to make a exit with due haste

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  3. The BBC have a difficult job balancing their dual allegiance to both Unionist parties at any one time. It’s a tough task but clearly at the moment they are trying desperately to protect the Tory Government in their incompetence about Covid and Brexit but also giving a boost to the Labour party by running a documentary for the umpteenth time about the Blair/Brown and New Labour era. These are their two main priorities to protect their long term survival whilst the rest including the SNP and Scotland are largely sidelined only to be highlighted when things go wrong. When they cannot hide behind the ‘UK’ comparisons are only made to show England better or at least no worse than elsewhere. England first and foremost.

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