Conservatives want to ‘cop’ the credit and so must take any flak?

The Herald

Sandesh Gulhane, Tory MSP, is in the Herald to insist that city residents must not suffer from traffic restrictions due to COP26 but wait, who is responsible for all this? Gulhane will no doubt go on to blame the SNP Government for anything such as one of his patients being late for one of his thousands of appointments every week.

However, Gulhane’s boss, Johnson, said in March:

The COP26 summit is one of the single biggest priorities that any government could have domestically and internationally and it’s a massive job and we’re throwing everything at it.

The Scottish Government was pushed out of the loop early, lest they show off their superior tree-planting and renewable energy output:

Boris Johnson refused to give Nicola Sturgeon an official role in the Glasgow COP26 climate summit, according to the event’s former co-ordinator.

Claire O’Neill said she had made the suggestion in a bid to end the “stand-off” between the UK and Scottish governments over the global conference.

She said Mr Johnson had “heartily and saltily” rejected the proposal.

That’s clear isn’t it. If things go wrong the UK Government is to blame for everything. They can’t blame Glasgow City Council or Police Scotland either because they claim it was their big priority and were throwing everything, money and staff, at it.

12 thoughts on “Conservatives want to ‘cop’ the credit and so must take any flak?

  1. Corporate sponsors have already criticised the UK government for “mismanagement” of COP 26.
    I have friends in Glasgow council who tell me, the running of the event and event planning by the Cabinet office is an almighty shambles.
    ‘Course none of this makes the media. Repressing Scotland will find a “victim” of Nikla to pin the blame on her.
    The moonlighting doctor Gulhane (or is he a moonlighting politician?) is now on the BEEB more often than DRossie.
    Is there a “changing of the guard” going on?

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  2. Don’t worry the compliant BritNat media will have all their doctored stock photos of Nicola Sturgeon looking coy, guilty, confused, and uncaring at the ready, front page throughout COP26, Scotland’s FM, sheesh, see this the world? Scotland will be blamed for any mishandling, (and it sounds like it’s already a shambles) and violence on the streets orchestrated or not, and any finger pointing about the UK/EngGovs’ appalling non action on climate change will be laid right at the door of Bute house.

    The delegates are staying at Gleneagles hotel and by what I have read will be using electric cars to get from A to B, problem being there are no charging points at Gleneagles so they are using diesel generators to charge the electric cars.
    That’s the level of stupidity and lack of planning by the EngGov that’s actually indicative of their utterly disgraceful lack of ability and/or willing to organise a world event in a professional manner. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

    Would they have done any better had it been being held in London?

    In an ideal civilised world, a leader (yikes) of a country next door, hosting a world event in Scotland, should be seen on the steps of Bute House next to the FM of Scotland, (the country Johnson and his entourage are taking over for 3-4 weeks) and getting into discussions about how to manage the reduction of pollution and fossil fuel extraction and what sort of investment is immediatley required in renewables, etc!
    I know, which planet duh, lol!

    Johnson is an embarassment at the best of times but to have him and his dreadful underlings strutting about Scotland at such an important event is just utterly cringeworthy it really is. It undermines Scotland as a nation, Scotland’s reputation, and it undermines Scotland’s democratically elected governmen,t but we know that is totally deliberate.

    It also shows the EngGov for what they are, bullying colonists, taking what they want, moving in when they want, blaming others for their incompetance, and leaving nothing but trouble and strife in their wake.

    It feels like an invasion if I can get all emotional about it. I don’t think it will be good for Scotland, and I think it will spread Covid terribly and it will be disruptive to the central belt of Scotland to no good end. If it was being hosted by the host country, and their democratically elected government (normal outside of the UK) it would be a different story altogether, but it’s not.

    I really hope the ScotGov have a plan…

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    1. Arty Hetty I wonder if you could point me to the source of your information about the EVs/Gleneagles lack of chargers and them using diesel generators. I’m feeling the need to share/spread that titbit.

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      1. Robert this may help, from the Courier (10 October). Google searching shows up a few more articles on the same topic.

        ( )

        ‘Because of the sheer number of journeys expected to be taken, externally powered generators will be used to charge the cars and SUV’s.

        ‘These will be fuelled, the UK Government has insisted, with Hydrongenated Vegetable Oils (HVO)’ – i.e. recycled cooking oil derived from waste products.

        ‘A spokesperson for the Gleneagles Hotel said: “No charging generators have been set up at Gleneagles and we’re not aware of the details of those plans.”


        “… could point me to the source of your information”

        I’d encourage those posting btl to follow the consistently good practice of the TUS blog and provide links to source/s whenever possible. It makes it much more feasible to share/spread information with confidence that there is supporting evidence.

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        1. I can’t remember where saw/heard about generators, or I would have shared a link which I usually do, but thanks for the link Stewart.
          It’s still a shambles whatever fuel they use, imo. Why can’t they stay in Glasgow anyway??? Why are they flying in from across the globe and then staying miles away from the actual event? Who owns Gleneagles?
          I don’t want COP26 in Scotland, it will bring nothing but trouble and do nothing good for Scotland. Have it in London where the English government are, it’s their event after all, foisted on Scotland, no choice and ScotGov are not allowed to attend in an official capacity, is that correct?

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          1. “Why can’t they stay in Glasgow anyway??”
            Not posh enough for them, probably costing double or treble usual rates, no doubt will try to justify (if they are ever held to account) on security basis.


  3. Sandesh Gulhane MSP must be the busiest GP in Scotland .
    He is Mr Rent-a-quote for the Scottish media on Scottish Health matters but clearly by always being filmed in his ”scrubs” is seeing patients 24/7 in his practice .

    One wonders if he is so busy as a doctor why he thought it prudent to divert his time away from his GP duties by standing for the Scottish Parliament ?

    Apart from the lack of opposition for the job as a Tory List candidate and the £64,470 salary + expenses , what was the attraction for an overworked GP ( his own admission ) to seek another job with onerous demands on time in another city ?

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    1. “..what was the attraction for an overworked GP ( his own admission ) to seek another job with onerous demands on time in another city ?”
      If that vanker DRoss can do it why cant I ?

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