Fraser Nelson and Savid Javid confirm my thinking?

From Fraser Nelson in the Telegraph today:

It hasn’t taken Sajid Javid long to get into a fight with the doctors’ unions. Unlike recent Tory Health Secretaries, he doesn’t wear an “NHS” badge on his lapel – regarding himself more as a reformer than a cheerleader. He rejected calls to extend lockdown in July and is resisting bringing restrictions now. The British Medical Association is upping the ante, accusing him of “wilfully negligence” in his failure to enforce mask-wearing. Their message: if things get worse, he’ll be to blame….

No I haven’t lost my marbles but one of my least favourite journalists, well-known for his own mouthful of marbles, is correct and if he’s correct, I am even more so.

Why am I correct?

I’m correct that that NHS Scotland is not in a crisis despite the opposition parties’ deepest wishes and trade unionists willing to feed them with ‘facts’, because infection levels have flattened, admissions are falling, staff absence too, and we have 50% more beds and nurses than England.

Nelson and Javid being Tories are less correct but more willing to take a punt on lives. In England the surge in infections is largely among the young and less vulnerable and it’ll probable start to fall quite soon as mask-wearing returns. Hospital admissions are climbing, unlike in Scotland, but it’s not a steep curve and they still have the Nightingales in reserve.

More people will die in England this winter but they’re not Tory-voters so what do Nelson and Javid care?

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6 thoughts on “Fraser Nelson and Savid Javid confirm my thinking?

  1. I don’t think mask wearing will return in England. By that I mean that while L.B.J may make another u-turn, I think that the confused messages he has sent throughout the pandemic, will have a completely negative effect on any restrictions that may come into force.
    Watching Euronews today, I was struck by the facts reported by their correspondents that, at least on the tube, very few people are wearing masks,
    despite being required to do so I believe. So they can enact any laws they like, but I believe very few of the English public, will pay any attention.
    All in all, it seems herd immunity is still the policy of the corrupt Tory chancers.

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  2. Does England have the Nightingales in reserve? I thought they had started to dismantle them some months ago. Even if some remain how do they find the staff for them?

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    1. ” Even if some remain how do they find the staff for them?”


      They use ‘pool and share’ to nick all the SNHS staff. After all, if we’re doing so well, we don’t need them, do we…?

      (For the avoidance of doubt, that’s /s!)


  3. “No I haven’t lost my marbles but one of my least favourite journalists, well-known for his own mouthful of marbles, is correct…”

    Steady on, Prof. {pats hand}

    Go and lie down in a darkened room. Put on some soothing music. Have either a cup of sweet (yuk!) tea or a glass of your favourite spirit.

    It’s the shock. It’ll pass… 😀


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