3 thoughts on “Scotland 2nd top in vaccination league

  1. Alas and alack, run wi the pack,
    whaw wid be a BEEB Jocko hack.
    Make it up, spin it round,
    Sturgeon BAD, up on the Mound.
    We have mair porkies than a butchers rack.
    Yer jobs tae protect wee DRossies back.
    OR…… yer heading fur the sack.

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  2. Ah But how can this be possible
    Iceland just like Scotland
    Is too poor
    Incapable of any form of governance
    Inadequate resources etc,etc,etc
    And in Iceland,s case they are absolutely
    Useless at
    European Football especially against England
    And Cod wars against the great might of the Royal Navy
    Above is a convenient re write of History
    By Global England.Who felt so sorry for Turkeys by voting for Brexit thereby saving many such a fine bird from a Christmas dinner table
    All due to lack of skilled labour to kill,process ,package and deliver to Supermarket shelves,thus ensuring great numbers now and in future years shall not suffer such a fate
    So apparently Turkey,s indeed can vote
    But only for Brexit
    A very smart bird indeed

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  3. We watch Reykjavic Grapevine on YouTube, a news and culture channel from Iceland. There Covid numbers have been really low throughout, when there were spikes, they closed their border. They introduced very strict measures for people travelling into the country, and there were a lot of volcano tourists over the summer. It’s also an independent country, making decisions without interference or control by another country. A good idea to be independent it seems.


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