BBC Wales is ignoring this?

I’m not sure ‘surge’ is a big enough word to capture the scale of the crisis in infection levels in Labour-led Wales. Leaving aside an apparent problem with their testing system leading to these dramatic peaks and troughs from one day to the next, the level has apparently gone from 65.9 to 93.3 per 100K, the highest in the UK by some way, in only 3 days from the 16th to the 19th of October.

That’s a 41.5% surge, for want of a better word, in only 3 days.

BBC Wales is not reporting this. Indeed, they haven’t been reporting the infection rates at all.

Similarly, if less dramatic, in England:

A steady and quite steep surge to 67.8 per 100K, not being reported and, as in Wales, politicians not been questioned about it.

How does Scotland compare? 46.8 per 100K, roughly the same as it was 2 weeks ago, half of that in Wales and two thirds of that in England, so of great interest to BBC Reporting Scotland Badly:

October 18

Stubbornly biased?

Remember, Scotland’s stubbornly flat and relatively low level is despite the return of students and football crowds.

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