Why are cases in England 50% higher than in Scotland?

There were 2 459 new cases in the last 24 hours in Scotland.

There were 36 712 in England, per head of population 50% higher.

There were 3 200 in Wales, per head of population, nearly 100% higher.

BBC Scotland, UK, England and Wales have no comment on this.

Why might this be happening?

People in Scotland are still wearing facemasks in enclosed spaces?

The Scottish Government has done better on rolling out vaccines?

BBC Health, above, suggest less mask wearing, more mixing, waning immunity and a stalled vaccine rollout.

Source: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/cases

14 thoughts on “Why are cases in England 50% higher than in Scotland?

  1. Although it has taken longer than expected for EHNS cases to start increasing
    Usually when the right conditions in place, then you can usually predict the course and time line of this virus
    But the expected trends are approx running 2 to 3 weeks behind the expected
    1.More immunity resulting from vaccinations and high level of previous
    EHNS is considerably behind in vaccination numbers than Scotland, particularly so in the 12 to 16 yr olds who due to close social interactions they become spreaders
    The number of ICU,Hospital admissions and deaths are now beginning to rise in England
    And will continue to do so for at least 1 month
    England also appearing to be very poor at
    Attaining the requisite booster vacs.
    Such does not bode well for them
    WHO clearly state that in order for any vaccination programme to be fully effective that you must achieve at least 95 % of the population
    England is well short of that especially in 2nd dose and way off the mark in Boosters
    I have no doubts once more England and Boris have well and truly taken their eyes of the ball as they as usual focused upon the money
    To paraphrase a famous 1966 world cup final TV commentry
    ” They Think it is all Over ”
    Well then they are are about to find out
    “It is Now ” ( as they thought upon easing restrictions )
    And as befits a Pantomime Government.That
    The little virus screams in retort
    ” Oh No it Isn’t ”
    Afraid that The Show Must go On
    Old Chaps

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    1. For info and interest, what follows comes from a paper recently published (August 2021) in the authoritative international journal Nature. It compares Covid outcomes in the UK, Sweden and Denmark.

      (Yes, it’s just one paper but my free time to undertake desk research in order to respond just to Mr Dale is limited! However, for Mr Dale’s information, it took me about 15 minutes to find this relevant publication!)

      The authors state: ‘Our analysis indicates that while all three countries successfully suppressed COVID-19 transmission, the slightly lower effectiveness of Sweden’s policies yielded substantial differences in predicted final mortality. There was more limited evidence of a smaller difference in intervention effectiveness between the UK and Denmark. While Denmark may have had marginally more effective and timely policies, the main reason that the UK saw substantially higher per-capita mortality was that INFECTION PREVALENCE WAS HIGHER WHEN INTERVENTIONS WERE INTRODUCED. This may have been caused by a higher
      R0 in the UK, and/or higher levels of infection SEEDING INTO THE UK.’

      ‘Our key conclusion is that under conditions of high growth and high infection prevalence, SMALL DIFFERENCES IN THE TIMING AND EFFECTIVENESS of control strategies have DRAMATIC EFFECTS on the resulting numbers of cases and deaths. Implementation of prompt and effective interventions minimised mortality. Denmark saw low mortality because it REACTED EARLY with highly effective interventions at a time of relatively low infection prevalence. ‘

      It adds: ‘The UK suffered because its epidemic had progressed further than in many countries by the time effective interventions were implemented.’

      (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-95699-9 )

      Three observations:
      (i) timing of lock down is fundamentally conditional on a nation state’s ability to support financially the employed and the businesses impacted – in the UK that is only the Westminster government;

      (ii) ‘seeding into the UK’ is related to control/imposed restrictions (or otherwise) on a nation-state’s external borders – control of borders is reserved to Westminster as is therefore the timing and nature of introduction of border controls;

      (iii) Denmark as an independent nation state has FULL AGENCY over its pandemic response (whether this turns out in time to prove good or bad) – Scotland is NOT an independent nation state (yet) and this has SEVERELY CONSTRAINED THE AGENCY of the Scottish Government and ESPECIALLY over precisely the two factors favour Denmark highlighted by the authors of the Nature paper!

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    2. Knutr the Great was King of England as part of his Danish Empire.

      Luckily for the Dames (the happiest people in Europe), it did not last, and they live normal, democratic lives free from London dominion.

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      1. “the Dames”, were of course the Danes.

        I’ve heard the Vikings were actually partial to makeup, and many had combs—but I would NEVER have called one a “Dame”!

        Trans Vikings? Oops, that could well be a no, no.


        1. gavinochiltree
          Always be mindful that many Scot, have
          Viking blood and genes
          Especially amongst Shetland,Orkney ,Western Isles and the West coast
          Many of these areas have many Nordic place names still to this day


        2. And I believe English (Saxon?) men resented the fact that the Vikings kept nicking ‘their’ (English) women because they bathed!

          So, obviously, Englishwomen didn’t think they were Dames either! 😀


    3. Might they have control over their borders? Might they be able to help people who are ill and not able to work due to Covid ie Furlough? Might they have full control over their economy, and full fiscal and social and democratic powers to protect their actual population in the case of a pandemic? Hmm, I think there are a few reasons why Denmark is at an advantage in pretty much all areas of political decisions making! They are not a colony of another country which controls the purse strings and major policy areas like border control, tax raising powers etc etc…far as I am aware…unlike Scotland.
      Maybe do some reading about what devolution actually means for Scotland and also Brexit.


  2. As I have previously noted, the BBC is not alone in portraying ‘Scotland fail’ items.
    On Wed 20th STV’s Scotland Tonight gives us, courtesy of an eager presenter, some London-based expert pontificating on Scotland’s higher infection rates. The imputation, if not direct claim, was that Scotland has the highest rate.
    Lies or ignorance?


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