Scotland’s national cricket team beat top team Bangladesh, NINE places above them but BBC Scotland….

As with Cameron Norrie, BBC Scotland show no interest in a dramatic win by Scotland’s cricket team who have beaten one of the top teams in the world, Bangladesh. BBC Sport has only a minimal account with no acknowledgment of the achievement.

Scotland has beaten the number six side in the world from our position of 15th out of 88 in the ICC Men’s T201 league.

I know little of cricket but this is a big win, worthy of attention.

For context, Bangladesh has a population of 165 million, with a median age of 27.6 years compared to Scotland’s 5.44 million (30 times greater) and media age of 42! Howzat!!???

Only the National manages the correct headline:

Chris Greaves stars as Scotland shock Bangladesh at T20 World Cup

13 thoughts on “Scotland’s national cricket team beat top team Bangladesh, NINE places above them but BBC Scotland….

  1. Actually, it isn’t some kind of Unionist bias though there is plenty of that to go round. It is merely BBC Scotland Sport’s lack of resources and utter obsession with football (Sorry Rangers and Celtic.). Unlike in the BBC Wales and N. Ireland areas there are no URC Rugby matches being shown on BBC Scotland. One excuse being that their only cameras are given over, fully to football (Sorry, Rangers and Celtic.).

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    1. This is an explanation that has a degree of plausibility, but, I think that the lack of interest shown by BBC Scotland could also be due to the policy of minimising Scottish achievements.

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  2. I remember a few years ago and Irelands cricketers did well in some tournament.
    The BBC made a BIG DEAL of this.
    Though I suspect they were looking to boost their profile in the Auld Sod, where few people watch or listen to them.
    Though there are many more Irish people working for the BEEB than Scots these days.

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  3. Being an Aussie and a bit of a cricket fan, I can remember a long time ago when Ireland beat the West Indies (complete with name players such as Clive Lloyd, Basil Butcher and Joey Carew) – bowled them out for 25, their lowest ever score in a cricket match.
    But I rate Scotland’s performance against Bangladesh as better as it was a competitive match – also enjoyed it as Bangladesh had somehow raised themselves above Australia in the world rankings – something that would have been considered impossible just a decade ago.

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    1. I played cricket a handful of times when serving in the RN. I could bat pretty good, but could not bowl for toffee (which I though would be easy).
      I listened to the end of the commentary on radio 5 live–it seemed to be English commentators, but then Radio 5, like the rest of the BEEB, is an English Radio station.
      But UK funded.

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  4. All quite simply explainable
    ABC ( BBC ) Scotland
    See no possible visual images of a Union Jack
    In any footage of such a event
    If like the recent Olympics the Union Jackery galore therefore loads and loads of imagery
    They are deliberately attempting to ERASE us

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  5. There are many more cricket fans and players in Scotland, than media coverage suggests. Because of the rainfall, the three day county type matches were not possible on any consistent basis, so, long before T20 became so popular, 20 over matches were the norm here. Remember when Freuchie won the Village Cricket Championship at Lord’s many moons ago? It got a lot of coverage at the time, but much of it of the ‘who thought the Jocks could play cricket?’ type.

    I often played cricket myself and I am a working class Keelie.

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    1. Hey, less of the ‘many moons ago’ I remember that win. I think they even made a documentary about it such was their, the BBC’s, shock at the win.


  6. BBC Scotland has really nothing good to say about us as usual.
    The thing about Norrie and others always reminds me of the case of Zola Budd a South African a great runner who all of a sudden was given a British Passport I don’t think she has ever been back here.
    Good result for our cricket team.


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