BBC Scotland staff dizzy and anxious as Wales infections confuse and England’s soar to the top

As BBC Scotland staff monitor Covid data for any sign that Scotland’s performance is the worst, TuS understands that some are suffering health problems.

Scotland’s dizzying fall and apparent determination to stay at the bottom has triggered an emotional form of vertigo in some, while England’s surge is causing some to become anxious that they are heading to become the worst and they might feel obliged to mention that.

As for Wales, most staff are now experiencing headaches. I am too. What is going on there?

10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland staff dizzy and anxious as Wales infections confuse and England’s soar to the top

    1. Or perhaps the spike that didn’t show up because it was never intended to ?

      Given the prevalence of Covid in England a Wales direct effect and a Scotland echo a week or so later has shown up since March 2020 so would not be unexpected in 2021.
      You can see those relationships in the January 2021 graph, yet in the July onward graph all BUT England escalate ? Hello ? Do I smell rats, one hip-hop artist from Aberdeen and a failed Etonian with deliberately unkempt hair.
      All England figures pass through a special unit before publication, and having a propaganda role they are subservient to #10.

      Yes the data is as published, but I suggest it is not only Pacific Quay who can conjure incontinent pigeons…
      Was Wolverhampton simply unfortunate timing ?

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        1. That’s what the FT published data shows.
 looks interesting at week 36 (sept 6) in the Z-scores UK(England) has a Spike of excess deaths at 5.78. UK(Scotland) also has a rise of 3.9.
          Travelling tabby uk shows a substantial rise for Scotland covid deaths at this time as you’d expect BUT no major rise in England covid deaths to match the higher excess figure in Euromomo.

          Odd isn’t it


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