Humza reacts to British Army rescue plan

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic

What, none of them can do emergencies? None? I don’t think Alister Jack mentioned that.

COP26 summit in Glasgow could increase pressure on Scottish NHS, admits Humza  Yousaf - Daily Record

They can’t do emergencies. Their newest ambulance is 30 years old. Can I tell a general to stop wasting my time?

Struggling Humza Yousaf fumbles hospital pass | Scotland | The Times

I’ve got 160 000 staff and Alister says the Army will save us with another 82?

Humza Yousaf confirms military and fire service to provide assistance to  Scotland's under pressure ambulance service

You’ll just need to pretend they’ve been a big help or we’ll never hear the end of it.

Humza Yousaf: I'll protest against the UK rule of law in the name of justice

Thanks lads! Safe journey back to Catterick but remember to think twice before calling out an NHS England ambulance.

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic

No, really?

14 thoughts on “Humza reacts to British Army rescue plan

  1. Got an emergency ? Need professional help ?
    Well, we’ll send in the army until we can get someone qualified to do the job !

    Just like having Alister Jack as Scottish Secretary until someone able to do the job comes along !

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    1. “Just like having Alister Jack as Scottish Secretary until someone able to do the job comes along !

      Ssssssshhhhh! Do you want them to call in the army for that too? 😀


  2. At the last count the British Army had 78 k personnel
    Which in fighting terms
    The best they can muster to actually put boots on the ground and fight is no more than 24 k
    The RN has fit for purpose and ready to fight (exc. Nuclear subs, 1 of which stuck in refueling and another hanging by a operational thread ) 7 capitol ships
    The RAF have only fit for purpose 98 front line attack aircraft
    Not hard to work out who,where and what the armed forces are capable of defending far less attack
    So Boris and his merry band should be most careful as to what,when and to whom they bang their global British Drums
    And in all probability such drum is badly in need of a new skin,and will easily
    burst upon a hard strike
    And all this explains why Boris increasing
    The stockpile of nuclear warheads
    The Gorrila has to beat his chest somehow doth he not

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  3. The Tories response to their totally inadequate policies, blame someone else. Austerity and Brexit. Illegal wars and mass invasions killing and maiming millions. Call out the army. Instead of the midwife. Ruining a generation.

    Austerity and Brexit leading to premature deaths. The response ‘call out the Army’. It is just beyond comprehension. Totally unbelievable. The Tories shamble and mess. Call an election and a IndyRef 2. To get rid of the Tories. Call them out. It is just despicable. Almost unbearable for many people. Except the Tory sycophants and their associates. Making money out of people’s misery.

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  4. The Tories spending £Billions on the Army to drive ambulances. Cutting £Billions from the NHS. The Tories should get the priorities right. Instead of wasting £Billions of public funding.

    Military funding increased from £50Billion to £55Billion.

    The NHS funding cut £20Billion from 2015 to 2020.

    The Tories spend more monies killing people than saving them.


  5. As with everything else the Johnson Circus does it is about creating an impression that they have everything under control,when they haven’t.
    They get away with it thanks to the Great British Press who will not criticise them for fear of undermining the system that supports their pay masters.
    Perhaps it is also about Scots getting used to seeing the Great British Army on our streets which may be required to suppress any unrest following their refusal to allow us a democratic decision on our future constitution.

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  6. What’ll we do when the English government take the sodyers out of Scotland, help!!😉
    I think Scotland will be much better off in the EU and of course independent, membership of a voluntary club where Scotland gets an equal say, and a big big army to help out in any crisis or emergency situation. It appeals somewhat more than some
    broken down old ambulances from England, while told to be grateful you sweaty jocks, but give us all your cash and we will let you stay in the club, know what I mean! Jackboot firmly pushed into Scotland’s behind, keeping Scotland behind. No thanks.

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