Will Scotland’s ‘exemplary’ climate change progress get a mention?

In quite a long interview with Glen Campbell, we see:

Prof Skea, who was born in Dundee and went to Edinburgh University, is a member of the bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the UK government’s Committee on Climate Change. He was also chair of the Scottish government’s Just Transition Commission, which looked at how to fairly manage the move to greener ways of living.


Strangely, we hear/read nothing of the latter activity. You’d think Glen would have asked him how well that is going? Maybe he did but the answer wasn’t for us to hear?

So, I thought I’d have a wee search for some kind of independent assessment of how well Scotland is doing so that those folk, you know, ‘where we are’, are informed like the BBC aims to do, apparently.

And they did, on the website anyway:

Wow! Who said that?

The UN climate change secretary has praised Scotland’s progress on climate change as “exemplary”.

The Climate Change Act, passed in 2009 by the Scottish Parliament, set binding targets to cut emissions for each year until 2020.

Christiana Figueres told BBC Scotland that, despite the Scottish government not meeting its interim targets, she was impressed by the pace of change.

She said the fact that emissions had been cut by 38% was “quite impressive”.

Speaking to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme during a visit to Edinburgh, she said: “If we’re moving back on the trend, that is not good, but we’re moving forwards.

“We do know that Scotland has already been very exemplary to the world because it had all parties approving the 2009 act, with a 42% emissions cut target by 2020. We’re already at 38%. That is actually quite impressive.”


Ah, wait, that was 2016, what have we done since? Are we still exemplary?

BBC Scotland were on it, again:

The Scottish government has again missed its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Figures for 2019 show they fell 51.5% against the baseline, well short of the 55% target.


I can’t find more recent data but I’m guessing the pandemic has skewed the trend.

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9 thoughts on “Will Scotland’s ‘exemplary’ climate change progress get a mention?

  1. Did you expect them to do other than either ignore it or find some datum which could be presented in a negative way.

    Anent energy, the BBC is punting the UK propaganda line that nuclear energy is a way of reducing carbon emissions. This will please Mr Brian Wilson, who is chairing the Labour Party’s energy policy review.

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  2. England/UK has a limited ability to produce energy from renewable sources which is why they are having to depend on nuclear power.
    At great expense however.
    But at least it will keep their military programme alive.
    Unfortunately for Scots,as long as we are governed by Westminster,we are going to have to pay for this very expensive electricity through subsidies to England’s nuclear program and being charged to supply England with renewable energy.

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  3. Perhaps “Prof Skea said he had to be careful as an IPCC official not to comment on the policies of individual governments” encompassed that particular aspect ?

    BBC Scotland’s stance in damning all connected with SG is exampled in your second quotation “Figures for 2019 show they fell 51.5% against the baseline, well short of the 55% target”.
    – Were BBC Scotland to get even 50% of it’s reportage even-handed and honest we’d doubtless be amazed, and SG’s Opposition furious.

    As I’d observed elsewhere, an outsider looking at the BBC/Scotland/Politics webpage a week or so apart might think Scottish political affairs were glacial in pace and be recollect some articles lurking prominently with recent publication date.

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  4. In a word, no.
    COP26 will be used to ‘beat’ Scotland and their democratically elected government for not svaing the planet. The English government, parasitic colonialists, will manipulate events to ensure that Scotland is viewed in as negative light as possible.
    They will use it to big up themselves, they will be portrayed as the bastions of environmental protection in their media, and no doubt the narrative is already plotted, the media so called, will be writing their stories in advance to be tweeked at the event. The question is ‘Scottish’ oil will be used against Scotland, for having wantonly extracted the £trillions worth of the dirty stuff and wrecked the planet. Planet wrecking Scotland. Wait why is Scotland so ‘poor’? Hmmm…

    Is Nicola Sturgeon still being told she is banned from COP26? How many actual Scottish and Scottish based delegates will be at COP26? Two, three?

    The English government are hosting this event in Scotland, world ‘leaders’ will be travelling into Scotland, to save the planet, hmm, something don’t seem quite right about that, to say the very least!!!

    See this, opened last Dec, obviously in advance, funded by the ‘UK’gov. (must have used some of the massive revenues that they take from Scotland’s resources).
    The whole project and idea, stinks to high heaven imo.



    Scotland is in great peril as ‘part of the UK’.

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