Readers robbed of facts?

It’s been a while since the Herald offered a platform for attacks on SNP administrations by the teacher union, the EIS.

Today ‘the Herald understands’ something bad is happening in schools based only on an EIS source.

The Herald/EIS/Labour opposition links go back a long way. In December 2020, I pointed them out:

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Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist!

Nobody is saying this is a conspiracy. Chomsky applies here too. These are members of the professional, political and media elites acting in what they feel are their own interests (attacking the SNP administration) and in so doing acting in the same interests of those elite groups.

OK? Geddit?

Many of them were at uni in the 70s and 80s where they ran around with the RCG (Revolutionary Communist Group) because the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) was too soft, pretending they ‘d handled a Kalashnikov, calling the police ‘pigs’ and, behind their backs of course, saying the sociology lecturers were ‘ineffective liberal intellectuals.’

By 1997, most of these ‘Temporary Trots‘ had mutated into career Blairites and had gained jobs in teaching, in the unions and in the media. At the same time Alex Salmond had led the SNP troops in a flanking movement to the left of New Labour.

The SNP is the only left-of-centre party in Scotland with a realistic chance of creating a better country. They know that but can never forgive their more ethnic Nat foes back then for changing into what they hoped they’d become.

Back in June the English teacher union, the NEU, had this to say:

Today’s headline story based on another survey, with a self-selecting sample methodology that would fail a 1st year undergraduate, really has scraped the bottom of the cleaner’s bucket to find something the EIS leadership can throw at the SNP Government on behalf of Scottish Labour chums and against the likely wishes of their membership.

I’ll believe a vote for industrial action by a real majority of members when I see it.

I’ve been on strikes before but they were against a managerialist class in education then staffed by former Trots and applauded by others in the Scottish media. I don’t remember the EIS getting sympathetic media coverage from the Herald or the BBC in the early 80s, when action won the relatively good salaries and conditions teachers still have today.

Here are the facts again:

Though infection levels have risen in schools, there has been no surge, teachers have been shown to be no more at risk than other frontline workers and most of all, in the words of Professor Sridhar:

The overwhelming evidence from across the world is that children are safest in school and that school closures increase educational inequalities and have long-term detrimental outcomes for young people. Scotland’s success in providing primary and secondary children full-time, in-person learning from mid-August should be an example for other countries in the world deciding their schools’ policy.

I won’t repeat here, the full facts but you can see them at:

Mind you, perhaps inspired by Vic Reeves, they will not let it lie. True anti-intellectuals, they show contempt for evidence and plough on regardless.

Herald on November 24th:

BBC on November 23rd:

Scotsman on the 21st:

Herald on the 20th:

BBC Scotland on the 9th:

Herald on September 2nd:

Throughout August:

The Herald in July:

These are just the ones I spotted. There will have been many more in the Sun and the Daily Record and on STV.

Has any trade union in history ever had such a warm reception in the state and corporate media?

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4 thoughts on “Readers robbed of facts?

  1. I became a teacher in the seventies. I don’t remember trotskyism whilst at Moray House. What I do remember is the EIS was the go-to union in Primary Schools; that teachers in Secondary Schools were divided much more equally across other unions. I remember that the EIS’s attitudes and actions meant teaching was not a profession, because the EIS was a trade union purely and simply.
    I also remember that sociology and psychology were lectures where you jumped through hoops. You regurgitated what the lecturers expected in order to get good marks, get your teaching qialification.


    1. Humph, I must insist that real sociology should be critical and they probably didn’t really know that much. As for psych, the took the shilling decades ago and now advise of ‘torture.’

      Sensitive 70s sociologist


  2. On a slightly different note I am all for people being rightly recognised for the valuable work they do and are rewarded and paid commensurate with that but what I find deplorable is that at a time when Scotland and especially Glasgow will be the centre of the world’s media some are supposedly using the opportunity to further their own political agenda. Utterly shameful that they would seemingly prefer to see their country and Government humiliated.

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  3. There are teachers off with Covid. There are also pupils off with covid. In greater numbers. If one pupil is/was positive the whole year was off. There might have been teachers off but there were a much greater number of pupils off. How could there be a greater teacher shortage? Statistically it would have been not possible. Can’t they count or manage a spread sheet. More utter nonsense.

    Counsellors are being funded and put placed in secondary schools. It is intended to extend the provision to primary schools. The school budgets funded by the Scottish Gov are now ring fenced so Councils cannot cut them. Or spent the funding on other matters or expenditure.

    In the eighties it was quite difficult to get into teaching. Primary especially. The birth rate falling. It was an advantage if the applicant could play the piano and speak Gaelic. That was considered by graduates. Teachers in Scotland are better qualified and receive higher remuneration.

    Scotland has one of the best education system in the world. More graduates and universities pro rata. 33% from school. Mature students. 25%. EU students was 15%. Life long learning. Foreign students. Colleges and apprenticeships. The highest number in the world. Canada next highest 56%.

    1/4 25% of Edinburgh pupils go to private school. The highest in Scotland. The average in Scotland is 5%.

    It is Edinburgh Council that is responsible for educational decisions. They get the funding allocated per pupils. Additional funding for additional needs and for deprived areas. They get additional school funding. Increased funding for the extension of nursery provision. If there is not uptake. The funding still has to be spent on education service.

    Students get increased support. Children fostered or in care receive additional support. Grants and loans for longer. They do not pay council tax and get housing funding and placements. Labour was means testing student loans, students of households or average earning could not get a full loan. So they could not go to university. They had to go to college and stay at home. Or wait until they were older (25). Now students can now get full loans.


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