BBC Scotland cannot find images of patients waiting outside A&E departments

The Observer reports:

Doctors are warning that accident and emergency departments are on the “edge of a precipice”, with patients forced to wait in ambulances for up to 11 hours outside hospitals. Paramedics across Britain have reported up to 20 ambulances queuing outside hospitals to transfer patients into emergency departments operating at full capacity.

They do say ‘across Britain’ but the 7 examples they give are all in England.

And yet, Scotland’s media talk confidently of a crisis in A&E, ambulance delays and the British Army coming to save us.

I thought I’d try to help BBC Scotland find some images to use to scare my mum with. I found:

The system is broken': Sick patients told to sit on chairs outside A&E |  The Independent
Ambulances wait outside Accident and Emergency at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. See SWNS story SWMDambulances. A staggering 23 ambulances were forced to queue outside an overstretched A&E department just weeks after a patient died in one while waiting for treatment. The huge jam was the second in a matter of days as staff at Worcestershire Royal Hospital were overwhelmed with patients struck down by flu and the norovirus. Last Monday (23/12) was the busiest day for the hospital with 182 patient admissions. Paul Brennan, deputy chief executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: ?Demand on our emergency departments continues to be very high and the Christmas period has remained very busy with ambulance arrivals up nine per cent this year compared to last year.
Worcestershire (David Carney)
Royal Bolton Hospital 'queued out door' as patients wait on seats outside |  The Bolton News
A&E patient with suspected heart attack forced to queue outside busy  hospital - Mirror Online
Grimsby (BBC)

I did find Hugh (89) ‘having a fag’ before going into the Southern General, with chest pains

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4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland cannot find images of patients waiting outside A&E departments

  1. “Paramedics across Britain have reported up to 20 ambulances queuing outside hospitals to transfer patients into emergency departments operating at full capacity”
    You have to remember the Observer are still using the same field glasses they had in 1942, with the same slitted caps as used on headlights to ensure Jerry’s bombers couldn’t see the signs of conscious activity…. Hence Eustace, Shapps, Johnson, etc., etc..
    Meanwhile in Lerwick, “Feck me, wait until Bob comes on shift, he’ll freak out at news of us getting another 15 new Bedfords… “

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  2. The BBC have missed a trick ! They could have shown photos of all the Labour and Tory MSPs hanging about the various A & E depts around Scotland looking for stories to use against the SNP and claimed they were queues of patients .
    This would be in keeping with their high journalistic standards .

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  3. The BBC should be praising the NHS efforts and the magnificent job they have done. Like the rest of the population values them. Thank goodness for everyone keeping people alive.

    The useless low life tax evading Non Doms and their sycophants. The disgusting Tories and the rest of them. How out of step are the Press. Attacking the wonderful NHS. They should be attacking the useless wasteful politicians killing people. Instead of attacking the life savers. What a career lying in the Press in the interest of some greedy tax evading unlawful £Billionaires. Contemptible.

    £Billion for the BBC. Enough to eradicate poverty. Pumping out propaganda to ruin people’s lives. Worldwide. The estate costs more than the production of the programmes, A monopoly of property and power. Health before wealth. The NI burden going on the poorer to help the NHS. It will cost more.

    More people will get sick. Sick and tired of the Westminster unionists and their sycophants ruining the economy. Austerity and Brexit are making people sick, tired and totally fed up. Fed up of the Westminster wasteful, mismanaged and misappropriated Westminster unionist Gov. They fight with everyone and prematurely. kill their own citizens. To whom they are supposed to have a duty of care.

    Life expectancy in the south going down. The first time in forty years. The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down because of the Westminster corrupt Tory Government. They will be voted out if there is any justice. Especially in Scotland. No one will vote for them at all. Except for their lies and manipulation.


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