Private care home owner group sense the danger

Robert Kilgour, above, clearly knows what is coming, as investigators pore over the evidence of malpractice in the private care homes – overcrowding, understaffing, failed infection control and reliance on agency staff.

Kilgour’s campaigning began as far back April 2020 when he criticised a pay rise for staff and we discovered his Tory donations and role in the No campaign.

8 thoughts on “Private care home owner group sense the danger

  1. I have no time for Kilgour but his homes are certainly not the worst providers. The problem with him and others was that they were slow to react. While some other services were out sourcing PPE he was on the radio complaining. And there has been no “overcrowding” that just does not happen it can’t.


  2. He has paid his “regards” to the Tory Godfathers.

    For that investment, he will have the protection of :–
    BBC Hootsmon.
    Super Psycho Sun.
    and old uncle Boris an’ all.
    and old uncle Starmer an’ all.

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  3. Kilgour’s campaigning since 2020 to blame SG alone for inherent failures in “the industry” are unconscionable.
    Despite his own company’s excellent previous reputation he decided to blow it all in collaborations with HMS Sarah Smith, Sir Laudanum Pennington etc to stitch up SG, a strategy still live today.
    “Robert Kilgour has said it is vital the sector is heard” despite over a year of hearing absolutely nothing but from BBC Scotland.
    His pals at Pacific Quay must have the phone off the hook now the fan is closing in on the shit…

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  4. Has Mr Kilgour not done enough yet to secure a peerage from this Tory government? From the Press & Journal (13 April 2020) we learn: ‘Last year it was reported that he (Mr Kilgour) had donated more than £200,000 to the Tories since 2010.’

    Does this not exceed the threshold for a peerage? After all the Daily Record (14 October 2021) tells us that Malcolm Offord, now Baron Offord of Garvel who is now governing us from within the Scotland Office, has ONLY donated £147,500 to the Tory party over the last decade.

    So why might one have been rewarded and the other not yet? Lest we forget, Wikipedia reminds us that Mr Offord during the lead up to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum founded the astroturfed campaign group called Vote No Borders that spent £147,510.

    Recall also that Vote No Borders created an advert in 2014 claiming that after independence children from Scotland would struggle to get specialist treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital; the hospital objected that they hadn’t been consulted, the claim wasn’t true and asked for the advert to be withdrawn.

    So perhaps Mr Kilgour will need to do better – or is it worse (?) – should he ever wish for the preferment granted the ‘creative’ Mr Offord.

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  5. Private care homes are funded by residents if the6 have more than £16,000. Places are funded by public money. Places funded by council local government. It comes from the Scottish Gov funding. Councils get massive amounts from the Scottish Gov.

    Mr Kilgour is funded by Scottish Gov money but is still unfairly blaming them for Westminster failures. Biting the hand that feeds, him like so many Tories. Instead of funding the residents. Kilgour was giving Scottish Gov funding to the Tories. Totally unappreciative and ungrateful. The Tories are killing off the residents.

    Westminster is responsible for pandemic planning. Instead they cut the pandemic organisation and funding. To concentrate on Brexit. A more than unfortunate decision. The Tories are breaking the Law again killing off old people. Many more have prematurely died because of Johnson’s policies.,


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